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Best 1325 Nesting CNC Machining Center

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This nesting CNC router comes equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system that enhances its productivity. The 3 axis CNC machine was developed for manufacturing nested based custom cabinets, furniture, and related products.

1325 nesting CNC machining center

1325 nesting CNC machining center is mainly used for drilling/grooving/cutting/carving/milling in panel furniture production. This nesting CNC machining center equips 9.0 KW ATC (automatic tool change) spindle and stocks a large number of tools, suitable to solve various difficult woodworkings. Meanwhile, this nesting CNC machining center also equips an imported drill unit/boring head and one 4 axis saw blade device, it can high efficiently finish installation holes of three in one or two in one and installation grooves of Lamello clamex or Mod-eez or Lockdowel. nesting CNC machining center is the most functional and highest efficient CNC model of nesting CNC machine.

China 1325 Nesting CNC Machining Center Features:

1.Automatic loading, cutting, drilling, slotting, automatic offloading Saving time & labor, replace CAD draftsman, splitting man, cutting man, only need 8 min to input size & design & split.

2.Automatic layout optimization, improve material utilization.

3.Automatic design, automatic typesetting, automatic labeling

4.Automatic scissor lift table with three ton load bearing capacity for full bundles of panel materials.

Woodworking cnc router can be equipped with fully automated loading and off-loading systems.Dust gate to remove any dust and debris from the bottom of the processed sheet.

5. Automatic conveyor table for the off-loading of finished parts

6.Automatic loading and off-loading system

The Suction Cup Loading Device and Integrated Vacuum Cleaning System is standard on the Full Line CNC Router. The Integrated Vacuum Cleaning System ensures that all dust and debris is removed from the machine table prior to loading the next sheet. The industrial strength vacuum cups will load and position sheet material onto the table top without scratching the surfaces and aligns them perfectly against the pop up pins.

Nesting CNC Router Has The Following Advantages:

1) In order to maximize advantages of nesting cnc router, we should use the nesting software to make design for the panel furniture jobs. Nesting software is especially for panel furniture production purpose. The advantage of nesting software is flexible and simple; with it, making design for customized furniture becomes very easy and convenient. This is also the main reason why 3D wood cutting cnc machine becomes so popular in customized panel furniture field. The nesting software system contains hundreds of sets of cabinets and wardrobe design model; you can choose any model from them; then modify the size in model to the size of the actual needs of customers, design drawing of customized furniture is formed. It makes customized design so easy! Besides this, you can add your own design models to establish your own product library in the software. In the future use, you can drag and drop the structure chart as required and change to the size customer want; the design drawing is completed. The software automatically generates blanking list, material list, packing list, delivery order, delivery note and barcode.

2) Nesting software has layout optimization function. It improves the utilization of raw material to the max extend which is 95%.

3) By adding the automatic loading and unloading platform, automatic material push device and auto pop up device, nesting cnc router optimized the process of material loading and unloading greatly. It can save 50% labor source than traditional way. Also, it increases the working efficiency a lot. A worker can operate 2 or 3 wood cutting 3D cnc machines, and a panel saw requires 2 workers, so using a 3D wood cutting cnc machine can save 5 workers for a factory.

According to the second point above and third point here, nesting cnc router machine can save at least hundreds of thousands of cost for a company annually!

4) Nesting cnc router has the machining capacity of line cutting, curve cutting, boring, slotting and milling. The machining precision and quality is far higher than that of man hand. It is prior to saw equipment on performance of machining and dust removal; it can help you achieve production without dust.

Solvable processing

1. drilling: Adopts different diameter drills to drill different sizes hole on various boards.

2. grooving: With suitable tools to do grooving or slotting, it also can finish Clamex joint slots for Lamello.

3. cutting: Suitable for the regular shapes and irregular shapes cutting, also can do edging.

4. milling: Adopts different shapes CNC milling tools to achieve beautiful designs.

5. hollow-cutting: Solve production of the carved screens, separating boards, or other products that need to be hollowed cut.

6. carving/engraving: 2D carving design on wooden, composite, or other soft raw materials. If you need to do 3D design, please contact us to inquire about other 4/5 axis CNC machines for you.

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