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Buying Guide: 4 x 8 CNC Router Tables

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4x8 CNC Router Machine

Choosing the best 4 X 8 CNC router from a wide range of brands on the market could be an overwhelming task. To make things a little easier when looking for a machine, you should consider certain factors that we have listed below. This buying guide will help you in purchasing the right CNC Router that would suit your specific needs.

3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine

The iGOLDENCNC 4×8 routers provide rigidity that is necessary to process different kinds of materials such as wood, composites, aluminum, foam, plastics, and many more.   Now you don’t have to worry about what materials you are working with.   This CNC router table can configure and create amazing engravings and get your job done.

The 4′ x 8′ CNC router is one of the most popular products available on the market.   This machine is perfect for everyone.   Whether you are a beginner woodworker with less experience to handle these machines or a busy production manager at a corporation center, the iGOLDENCNC 4X8 CNC router serves you best.It has high-quality precision bearings along with hard steel rails on each of its axis.  As such, it gives the machine a rigid and smooth trip even at top speeds.

cnc router for cabinet making

Entry Level 4x8 Cnc Router Table At Affordable Price

A 4 × 8 CNC router table is a computer-controlled cutting machine with a table dimension of 4 feet by 8 feet.

The big workspace of 4×8 CNC routers offers the ability to deal with a whole sheet of plywood, making it the best-suited router for making furniture.

furniture making machines

What do I need to know before buying a CNC machine?


In general, it means the working capacity of the CNC router machine you are planning to buy. Consistency is the name of the game. Hence, the power of the machine is of the utmost importance while buying a CNC router. Having strong motors to give power to each axis is very crucial when cutting harder materials.

Whether you are producing a hundred pieces or a single one, remember that the quality of work is the same. It is wise to choose a machine that can complete your task with ease and the way you want. A machine with the right capabilities is what you need.

Also, have a clear understanding of whether the machine is for a small purpose or intended for a commercial one. This will help you determine what kind of power and capacity you need for your machine. In short, buy a router that matches your goals.

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The spindle is a critical aspect of every good CNC machine, so it’s best not to be too cheap with this. These are the motors that help engrave through the metals using the tool. There are plenty of models out there on the market available for CNC routers. Each brand has its own set of options, and it differs from the others.

Before buying a 4’x8′ CNC router, ensure that you have the right kind of spindle that will last. Check the horsepower you need to have for your projects. Because that’s the only way you can buy the right machine for your needs. Buy a router that has a few spindle options for different types of projects.

Also, you need to check its cooling system. Choose either air or water cooling depending on the projects you undertake. Ensure that the spindle design matches with the product and the manufacturer have put in quality components. It is important for increasing its lifespan.

4 axis engraving machine

4 axis cnc router machine


These things are pretty handy and increase your productivity. There are lots of accessories associated with these machines. But, all of them aren’t necessary, and some of them are even combined with the original equipment sometimes. This relieves you from the additional cost of buying them separately.

The automatic tool changer changes the tool very fast and reduces the time of tool functions. If your projects require using many tools one after another, choose a CNC router that has an effective automatic tool changing system. It ensures the safety of the user while changing tools during operations.

A vacuum table is another useful accessory. The vacuum pods are used when handling workpieces related to wood processing such as particleboard, MDF, floorboards, furniture parts, etc. the entire vacuum system may be expensive. Check out the actual vacuum pressure of the machine and how well the vacuum table can hold the material.  Having the proper dust collection system is critical for machine shop safety.

Build and Construction

The size of the machine is crucial before you make the purchase. The build and construction of the CNC router play an important role in your kind of business. If the machine is intended to undertake constant work, you need to choose a robust and durable one.

Some of the older CNC router tables are quite heavy and occupy a lot of space. But, the newer generation of CNC routers is sleek and small. Yet, they pack amazing performances with them. A sturdy build machine may cause trouble if your business needs frequent transportation.

Hence, it is better to select a model that has a good build and construction. A steel-structured body is favored more. Remember that a sturdy body makes less vibration and the work is completed with much comfort.

3d cnc routers for woodworking

CAD/CAM Software

Software compatibility is another important aspect you need to consider before buying a CNC router. Ensure that the model you are looking to buy has software for your work projects. Keep in mind that the software should be compatible with your computer system. Some CNC machine manufacturers will have a software package included or have a recommended CAD/CAM program for use with the router.

One of the important software used in these routers is called CAD or Computer Assisted Design. This is a design software program. This software is responsible for creating program codes that are run on the machine tool. Without the software, the engraving on the materials won’t take place.

When you are doing simple 2D engraving, the basic G-code design software serves the purpose. But, if you are creating complex parts, you should invest in an advanced software program to improve your creativity level.  A well equipped CAD/CAM software increases your creativity, control, accuracy, and efficiency to your projects.


Buying a CNC router is not similar to other purchases you make. It is a big investment. The best machines have the latest technologies and work efficiently giving you the desired result. So, it is wise that you have a clear understanding of the warranty policies of the company from where you would buy the product. Almost every reputed brand gives a 2-year warranty on their products. But, look out specifically on what item or component has the warranty been given.

Wrapping things up

The best way to choose your  4X8 CNC router is the one that fits your budget, space, and needs. There are a lot of machine options available to purchase. If you are looking for a machine a little smaller, then we highly recommend you check our articles out on 2×4 and 4×4 cnc routers.  In the end, make sure your budget matches your wants, before making a major purchase.


Best 4 X 8 CNC Router for Sale

The Affordable CNC Router from iGOLDENCNC is a budget-friendly 4X8 CNC router. This machine is mainly used for woodworking, cabinet making, decorations, furniture, sign making, arts, and many more. If you want to show your creativity by engraving on wooden materials, this machine can serve you better. On top of that, it comes with a low price compared to other products on the market. The machine is built on a cast-iron. This makes the unit robust and durable. Another advantage of having heavy machinery is that the entire unit will vibrate less. The machine engraves with accuracy.

With a little creativity and imagination, the number of things you can make using a 4×8 CNC Router is endless.

It is a popular woodworking machine mainly used to make furniture like wooden doors, cabinets, plates, office furniture, wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors, and windows.

You can also use a 4×8 CNC Router to make other wooden products like voice boxes, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines tables, and other instruments.

It is also used for plate processing creating insulation parts, plastic chemical components, PCB, inner body of the car, bowling tracks, stairs, anti-bate board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixed compounds.

It is also extensively used to make decorative items using acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, plastic, soft metals such as copper, and aluminum plate engraving and milling process.

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