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A Well-Known laser machine supplier In China

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Laser machine:

The right laser cutting system for every requirement – from versatile fiberlaser cutting machines in a range of formats and capacities capable of processing thin to thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials to high production laser tube cutting machines, all with performance-enhancing options, as well as laser automation.

No matter the LVD CNC laser machine you choose, you are assured of reliable operation, consistent accuracy, and high control over the production process for top-quality laser cutting results.

A laser machine has settings known as the computer numerical control (CNC), as well as laser optics, which control and direct the laser beam’s intensity for the desired design effect, or the specific cuts required in a manufacturing or design project. The laser beam is generated by a process whereby electrical discharges or a lamp trigger a lasing material within a confined container causing a chemical reaction, resulting in a high powered beam being released. The beam is then reflected using a mirror in a stream of monochromatic light. From the mirror, the light is then directed by fibre optics or mirrors to the work area, with the narrowest point of the beam cutting or making the design etch on the material.

Advantage of laser machine:

•High precision and stability, effectively eliminates the shocking during cutting.

•Software can achieve array scanning and cutting. 

•Can achieve high-speed drilling holes and marking functions.

•Fully enclosed appearance, reduce dust pollution.

•Double-gear rack and servo motor drive structure, improve production effectively.

•The beam is made of drawn aluminum profile processing technology, light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance.

A laser cutting machine is often used in engineering for the precision cutting of components of machines. For industrial applications, a laser cutting machine is often used to cut structural and piping materials and flat sheet material such as metal. The CNC setting can also be changed to etch or engrave all types of designs on metal, wood and plastic. Speciality CAD (computer aided design) software is used to program the CNC and direct it to perform either the cutting, engraving or etching specifications required for the laser cutting project. The size and capacity of the laser cutting machine determines whether it can be used for smaller or larger-scale manufacturing projects.

Laser Cutting Machine feature:

1. High-performance laser device associated with stable operation system enables optimal cutting effects.

2. Perfect cooling, lubrication and dedusting systems ensure stable, efficient and durable performance of the whole machine.

3. Single countertop make plates loading and unloading available during cutting, which improves the processing eficiency.

4. Large-size closed enclosure improves dedusting effects and avoids optical pollution.

5. Automatic height-adjustment performance keeps constant focal length and stable cutting quality.

6. Gantry structure and inblock aluminum cast cross beam make the device highly rigid, stable and antiknock.

7. It could ut mental in various materials and realize excellent and stable cutting effects.

Details of laser machine:

Yaskawa Servo Moto

1.Accuracy: realizes closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcomes the problem of stepping motor out of step; 

2.Rotating speed: high speed performance, general rated speed can reach 2000~3000 rpm;

Auto-focus laser head

The laser head is made of high quality materials in accordance with advanced technology. It is strcng and curable it can achieve 'onine' measure ment during the production process, and the measurement is accurate and rapid.

he cast iron bed (custom)

Flake graphite cast iron with a minimum tensile strength of 200 MPa. 

Keep the accuracy of the machine tool for a long time, unchanged for 50 years

 laser machine supplier :

We are a company integrating manufacturing and sales of CNC routers, laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, cutting plotters, etc. The main configuration all adopt top parts imported from Italy, Japan, Germany, etc.We adopt international advanced producing technologies to improve our products. Our products are widely used in advertising, woodworking, artworks, model, electric, CAD/CAM industry models, clothing, package printing, marking, laser sealing and so on. 
Our company adheres to the Market-Oriented business principles, and implements the business philosophy of "Quality First and Customer First". We have set up more than 20 sale and service departments around China which can offer our customers the services of design, fixing, training, maintenance and so on. Besides sale in China, our products exports around the world including the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA.

Shandong iGolden CNC is a solution supplier of CNC application with key technology and independent intellectual property rights. 




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