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China Continuous Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine For Sale

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The handheld laser welding system combines the fundamental qualities of an ultra-portable device with uncompromising performance. With our new design, the product’s overall volume has been reduced dramatically. This results in an extremely productive and powerful system. This device is a perfect integration of igoldencnc Group’s Laser Welding Technology and reliable portable structure. The System is a fit for complex components as well as large and small components. 

Laser welding systems by igoldencnc are the perfect tool for precision metal welding. They can be used to optimally join materials with high melting temperatures as well as high conductivity. Thanks to quick programming and simple operation, the igoldencnc arc welding cell is ideal for getting started with automated welding. You benefit from higher productivity and quality compared to conventional manual welding.

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Features of handheld fiber laser welding machine:


The hand-held welding head is equipped with five meters of imported optical fiber, which is flexible and convenient and can realize outdoor welding.

The operation mode of the hand-held welding torch enables the workpiece to be welded at any angle at any part.

Dual light path intelligent switching, uniform energy distribution based on different time and different light.

Suitable for all kinds of complex welded joints and spot welding of various devices.

Advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine :

1. The beam quality of the fiber laser is better, the solder joints are more uniform, and the penetration depth is better.

2. Hand-held is more convenient and quicker, and has less restriction on space and workpiece size.

3. All optical fibers are made of imported materials and have good durability.

4. Irregular shapes for larger objects.

5. The whole machine adopts dual-fiber soft light path, good ductility and strong movable performance.

6. It is especially suitable for ultra-thin welding that cannot be welded by argon arc welding and has a good welding effect.

Application of handheld fiber laser welding machine :

igoldencnc laser welding machines are precise welding machines, so they have been used  for processing communication devices, electronics, batteries, optical fiber coupling devices, kinescope electron gun, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, clock precision parts, automobile steel sheet, kitchen cabinets, staircase elevator, oven, stainless steel door, window guardrail, medical equipment, craft gifts...

handheld fiber laser welding machine Applicable material:

Metals and alloys: Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, gold, chromium, silver, titanium, nickel and so on.

Notice: We can do free test for your materials.

Apart from manual laser welder, Aohua also provide other types of laser welding machines, including laser mold welding machine, automatic laser welding machines...

Machine Parameters

Laser Power 1000W/ 1500W/ 2000W
Laser Wavelength 1070NM
Fiber Length Standard 8-10M supports up to 15M
Way of Working  Continuous/ Modulation
Speed Range of Welding   Machine 0-120mm/s
Cooling Water Machine Industrial Constant Temperature Water Tank 
Working Environment Temperature Range 15~35°c
Recommended Welding Thickness 0.5~5mm
Welding gap requirments ≤0.5mm
Operating Voltage AV 220V

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