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China's Top Metal Laser Engraving Machine For Sale

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Main features. 

1). High precision equilibrium linear guide ensures the precise processing effect;

2). Adopt the super fine cutting technology, which has features of extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr -free;

3). Laminated Safety Glass; 

4). Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force;

5). Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems solve the problem that troubles the laser equipments manufacturing industry for years; 

6). The Metal Laser Engraving Machineis equipped with aluminum strip shape platform;

7). This  Metal Laser Engraving Machine uses USB port to transmit data, it is equipped with large internal memory capacity, 

8). Adopts high quality RECI /EFR CO2 glass laser tube made in China.

Equipment manufacturing is not a simple assembly of parts

Independent Power Distribution Cabinet

1、Preventing electrical Interference.

Aviation Aluminum Beam Structure

2、The crossbeam adopts aluminum plate welding gantry structure, and the material is high- strength cast aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of light weight, small inertia, good dynamic response, and can ensure the stability and high-precision processing of the equipment

3、High Quality Carbon Structural Steel Welding Bed

Adopts high quality carbon structural steel welding, annealing treatment, artificial aging semi-finishing, five-axis center finishing, to eliminate the stress caused by welding and processing, high strength, good rigidity, long time operation of the bed without deformation, improve the

processing accuracy.

Main accessories:

1.The Metal Laser Engraving Machine adopt  brand laser source, working life over 100,000 hours.The industry's best quality fiber opticcal manufacturer,microfiber beam 0.001mm,offer 3 years warranty.

2.The Metal Laser Engraving Machine Galvo head use high speed galvanometer scan adopting SCANLAB technology,digital signal,high precision and Speed.High quality laser scanning system makes the marking speed up to 7000mm/s.

3.Imported high light focusing mirror.Improve laser beam utilization from edge incident to the detector, and makes the probe on the surface of the photosensitive non-uniform illumination uniformity.

4.Handy lifting system,higher precision,easy to operate and adjust the focal length.The laser focal length can be adjusted up and down according to different kinds of marking materials.

5.Control system use famous Taiwan“MW" power supply with stable performance.professional technology and long lifetime

6.Adopts the heat generated by the air cooling system.Ensure that the laser machine can work continuously and efficiently.

7.Alumina working platform and imported precise beeline device.Flexibility mesa have multiple screw holes,convenient and custom installation,special fixture industry platform.

8.Laser and other control switches are used to separate power supply design,to ensure the laser is protected from electromagnetic interference from other controllers during operation,making the laser's power output more stable and efficient.All the dual power supplies adopt domestic famous brands,which can ensure the long-term working power of the laser is stable.A 12 month warranty is provided.

9.Alumina protective shell,beautiful appearance and wear-resistant.The machine internal structure is reasonable and convenient for maintenance.

10.The safety laser goggle can effectively filter the infrared and ultraviolet arcs emitted by the laser when working.The protection wavelength is 200-450nm/800-2000nm/1064nm (blue-violet blue-light near-infrared mixed white light) to protect the eyes from injury,environmental protection and safety.The surface of the lens is reinforced,anti-arc, anti-static,anti-shock,anti-scratch.

11.Optional rotary axis can be used to mark on different cylindrical,spherical objects.The stepper motor is used for digital control,and the speed can be automatically controlled by computer,which is more convenient,simple,safe and stable


Metal Laser Engraving Machineadopts the advanced galvanom

eter scanner technology together with the 2KHz diode-pumped Nd: YAG frequncy doubling laser which is faster, the laser point is more thin and bright, the image also will be more elaborate an

d lively. The Key parts of the apparatus mainly come from Germany and the USA.

It is more reasonable and steady for long –term production. This machine has the software dev ellped independetly, which shall laser 2D image like 3D impression.

It adopts original technology, and the engraving range is large.

This laser machine is suitable for individual production and batch fast process. Just one machine could

be satisfied with capacity for both storefronts network distribution and elecgtric-business distrib ution. It comes laser to greatly advance laser speed. It adopts incorporated structure, and it is good fluid, suited to use in Supermarket.

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