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Cutting Saw Machine-Sliding Table Saws

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Cutting Saw Machine yield perfect results, and the Grizzly industrial is not an exception. The model has a very central position in industrial enterprises and medium-sized workshops. The piece of equipment consists of digital controls for accurate blade tilt adjustments from 0-45 degrees. This feature most impressively saves you time and money.

Cutting Saw Machine

This Sliding table saws machine uses linear guideway to lift the saw blade which is more smooth and more durable. Aluminum shell motor makes sure its good heat dissipation. 25mm metal plate guarantees the compressive strength and the high precision of the inter-machine, which can also reduce the shock of the machine.

The Sliding Panel Saw was designed to provide an excellent finish when cutting MDF panels, with easy adjustment and operation. Have of blade tilting from 0° to 45° with digital indicator. It also scoring axis to provide quality finish. The motor of the main saw has power of 5,0 HP, ideal for long periods of hard work.

Sliding table saw facts and features:

It’s also called a European cabinet saw.

It’s used to cut sheet goods and large panels or solid timber.

It has a sliding table on the blade’s left side and attached to a folding arm.

Its folding arm is used for crosscutting and ripping off of larger materials.

Known as the largest type of table saw and used by large production cabinet shops.

It usually incorporates a riving knife to avoid kickbacks.

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