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The Best Laser Engraving Machine For Wood Igoldencnc

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laser engraving machine for wood Product Description :

laser engraving machine for wood is the most hot-selling model accepted by our customers. Co2 laser cutters has large 1300mm by 900mm working area, compact nesting, convenient storage materials. The knife-shape aluminum heavy strip work of the platform can avoid defective products caused by reflection of backstop while cutting acrylic & wood materials.

1325 CO2 laser machine1

Main Features of laser engraving machine for wood :

Specialized Motherboard with STM32 MCU

Fixed Focus UPDATED! 

Y-axis rotary roller system  used for engraving on cylindrical objects such as engraving texts, patterns on cansOPTIONAL UPGRADE

It could preprocess 32 instructions, support a baud rate as high as 921600, more powerful!

The Most Advanced 32Bits Laser Engraver Firmware

Ortur laser master firmware, smarter, faster, higher precision, and easier to use.

Laser power range could be S0 - S1000, compared to 8bits desktop laser engravers, which only has S0 - S255, Ortur Laser Master could control laser beam more accurately, could even use the high power laser unit to "draw" a picture on paper, that the 8bits high power laser engravers could not do.

Engraving speed could be as high as 3000MM/Min. ( If do not consider the laser carving result, the velocity of movement could be as high as 1000MM/S )

Active Position Protection

There is a G-sensor on the motherboard, if the machine detects unauthorized movement, the laser beam will stop.

Laser Beam Safety Guard

If your computer system halted or the USB cable disconnected, led to that the laser engraver stops moving, the laser beam will stop, to prevent fire.

Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation

If the laser engraver is under control, but users forget to operate and keep the laser beam working, extra safety will cut off in case the motor stopped moving, to prevent fire.

This laser engraver supports PWM mode.

Pre-assembled parts, just need 10 - 20 minutes to install the machine.

400 x 430 mm large engraving area.

Aluminum profile frame + structured cabling, solid structure, smooth operation, attractive appearance

Synchronizing shaft mechanical structure, avoid out-sync on two Y rails, during full speed engraving.

Laser engraving machine for wood applicable Industry:

1.Engraving beautiful patterns and words such as wood, bamboo, Ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell

2.Mainly used in large plastic character cutting, color plate engraving, organic glass engraving and cutting, sign engraving, crystal engraving, trophy engraving, authorization engraving, etc.

3.Leather Clothing Processing Industry: Can engraving and cutting complex patterns on genuine leather, synthetic leather, leather, woolens, clothing, furnishings, glove, handbag, shoes, hats, toys, etc.

4.Model Industry: Production of construction sand table model and Aircraft Model, etc. ABC plate cutting, MLB cutting.

5.Packing Industry: Engraving and printing rubber plate, plastic plate, double board, die cut plate, etc.

6.Other Industry: Engrave on marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials, cut paper, card.

7.Product Identification Industry: Security marking products, etc.

Wood cutting and engraving are two of the most popular applications for the laser because they can encompass so many different projects. From cabinetry to photo frames to knife handles, Epilog Laser systems are used in almost every woodworking category you will run across. Whether you are working with hardwoods, veneers, inlays, mdf, plywood, walnut, alder, or cherry, you can engrave amazingly intricate images with a laser system.

Applicable Materials

The Laser Engraving Machine is with CO2 glass laser tube 60W. Laser wavelength is 10.6um. It is able to do nice engraving on most non-metal materials: wood, acrylic, MDF, plywood, veneer, leather, bamboo, glass, stone, cardboard, etc. Coated metal is also can be engraved. 60W laser power also cuts non-metals, like 8mm acrylic, 5mm wood, 4mm MDF, etc.

Applicable Industries

LM-6040 60W is a multifunctional small laser cutting engraving machine. It is applicable to wide range of industries: Advertising signs and boards making, arts and crafts, awards and trophy, paper cutting, architectural model, lights and lamps, printing and packaging, garment and many other industries.

Parameter Configuration

1325 CO2 laser engraver machine parameters:

Working area 1300mm x 2500mm
Laser power W2/W4/W6/W8
Laser type CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled
Cooling way Water cooling CW3000/5000/5200
Engraving   speed 0-60000cm/min
Cutting speed 0-30000cm/min
Power supply 220V/50Hz,  110V/60Hz
Laser energy control 1-100% software Settings
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
Software supported CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima
Driving system 3-phase stepper motor with decelerator
Air assist Air pump
Dichroic Cutting Yes
Optional part Red light pointer

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