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Five Advantages Of Bridge Stone Cutting Machine

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The bridge stone cutting machine uses PLC system and human-machine interface,combined with high precision magnetic ruler to locate and infrared device,uses inverter to control left-right feeding,adjusts the speed according to the stone material. It use hydraulic lifting system,main electric parts adopt imported good-quality materials, the head can rotate 0-45 degree with a wide using range. Thus the whole machine is featured as high cutting efficiency,high cutting precision,high stability,easy-operating to suit granite and marble.bridge stone cutting machine is ideal and special equipment for stone processing factory, especially widely used in cutting big size non- metallic plates such as granite, marble, artificial marble and concrete plate etc. Adopted laser device positioning system and CPU controlling system, with reliable function, precise cutting and easy operation, this equipment carries out high efficient cutting by slow cutting and quick return.  The bridge stone cutting machine is designed to realize X-Y-Z-A-B 5-axis linkage with more wider utilization. It can be used for cutting, chamfering, polishing, slotting, drilling and arc grinding etc. with easy operation and more practicability.

bridge stone cutting machine

Product Description

1. Wide bridge structure with crossbeam, large size of slab cutting available

2. Cross beam use the high strength of the castings, avoid deformation after long-term use.

3. Host walking gear row with high precision, cooperate oil-immersed guide transmission, less resistance, high accuracy realized.

4. Dust proof design of the slide track ensures the precise guide movement & long lifespan.

5. The magnetic sliced ensure slicing precision gate.

6. Vertical movement of machine head is driven by hydraulic system, and the stroke is adjustable.

7.Equipped with infrared device, precise cutting location reachable.

8.Touch-sensitive operating system, friendly human-machine interface design.

5 axis bridge stone cutting machine  Advantages:

1. The bridge stone cutting machine head can swing 360 degrees freely, and the plate can be cut at any angle and shape

2. It can be used for cutting large plate, 45 degree chamfering, pot hole, stove hole and oblique line cutting

3. The platform is turned over at 85 degrees to facilitate loading and unloading.

4. The operation is simple and the control system can input data.

5. Equipped with grinding wheel device, it can polish the table face and cutting surface.

A permanent magnet brushless servomotor with intergrated drives, designed to achieve total digital integration with Esa’s CNCs,

creates a reliable controlling power for X, Y and Z axises

Laser checking and calibration instrument to aid in lining up the cut at the beginning of processing.

of high quality controlled by an inverter allowing the adjustment of the nr. of revolutions from 0 to 6000 rpm, so

granting the use of blade and diamond tools such as a core drill or milling cutter. The tool change is of manual type.

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