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5 Axis Bridge Saw Type Stone Cutting Machine

The bridge stone cutting machine can realize cutting, chamfering, edging, profiling, milling, drilling, slotting, rounding, circular arc and other special-shaped processing through five-axis linkage. It is simple to operate and has strong practicability. A variety of configurations are available.
  • iGS-B


  • iGS-BS


Bridge Cutting Machine Description:

Bridge cutting machine is suitable both for small and big factory. This machine is good for cutting marble and granite in a manual or automatic way.

bridge saw machine

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saw granite cutting machine

Stone Bridge Saw Cutter Feature:

By using advanced micro computer control system to achieve multi programming methods, including manual programming or PC programming , this machine can achieve fully automatic processing operation and some powerful functions, like easy-operation auto cutting, edge polishing, slotting, kitchen countertop processing, special shape processing and other operations.

Stone Bridge Saw Machine Parameter:

Model iGS-B
Working table size 3000*2000mm
Overall size 4500*2280*2100mm
X-axis working stroke 3000mm
Y-working stroke 2000mm
Z-working stroke 260mm
A-working stroke 360°free rotation
Pneumatic ball easy to move marble
Reversal table for easy loading
Control system Control system
The machine head automatically flips 0-45-90 degrees
X/Y axis cutting speed X/Y axis cutting speed
Z axis cutting speed Z axis cutting speed
A cutting speed 0-7r/min
Cutting thickness 100mm
Processing precision 350mm
Red light positioning Included (Infrared cutting reference)
Programming method 1 Manual programming
Programming method 2 Image input
Control method CNC
Power 4000W
Working voltage 380V/50HZ
R.P.M 2800r/min
Weight 2500kg

The Detail

granite sink hole cutting machine

The machine head automatically flips ±360 degrees

cnc sink cut out machine

Easy to switch between cutting and drilling

cnc bridge saw for sale


5 axis cnc bridge saw

The worktable can be turned left and right for easy loading and unloading

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The table top roller can be raised to facilitate grinding and moving the plate

bridge saw for granite

Infrared Localization,convenient to observe and adjust

(Option)3D Measuring Scanner


3D Kitchen Bathroom Countertop Measuring Scanner with Laser Templator,In combination with our custom designed software, it provides easy and precise measurement of countertops and other surfaces in the stone industry.

The Sample

The high-efficiency stone bridge cutting machine designed by iGOLDENCNC adopts high-strength mechanical structure, which is very suitable for manufacturers who process special-shaped stone in batches. Imported linear guide rails are used to ensure accuracy and provide a set of competitive configurations. Popular applications include:

>Decoration industry: special-shaped lines and relief carvings of stone background walls;

>Stone countertops with digging basin holes and European borders: suitable for cabinet artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, marble countertops and sinks, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, special-shaped bar counters, stone coffee table countertops, basin hole cutting, back-arc water forming And polishing, etc.;

>45-degree side cutting, 90-degree right angle splicing and special-shaped processing;

>Drilling, grinding, trimming, carving, cutting, polishing and engraving of other special-shaped stones, ceramics, glass and ceramic stones.

automatic bridge saw

granite sink cut out machine

CNC Bridge Stone Saw Applications:

Marble, Granite, standstone,glass,headstone, tablet,such as ceramic engraving and cutting machine. Have mainly three functions: cutting, polishing the edge, cut hole in sink.


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