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Four Process Nested CNC Router For Cabinets Secrets You Need To Know

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The Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets is numerical control equipment explicitly molded for the manufacturing of panel furniture. Its main function is to cut wooden boards. While processing, the cutting machine includes cutting, punching, grooving, and other processes. Generally, through the blueprint of intelligent software, nesting CNC machine automatically heightens the typesetting design, generate the effect map, and perform operations such as spontaneous modifications, and involuntarily generate diverse paths. Therefore, it saves and ameliorates sheet utilization. Fortunately, the Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets is commonly used in the furniture industry such as a cabinet, wardrobe, solid wood, paint-free, solid wood composite, and suite doors. Imagine what one Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets has done for various homes, and office doors. If you want to bring panel furniture to life, the Four Process Nested CNC Routerfor Cabinets is your best buddy.

Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets

Features of Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets:

1. Four spindles use different cutter heads to work in sequence to complete a series of processes such as cutting and engraving, which greatly improving the processing efficiency. 

2. The Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets is equipped with a pushing device, which can realize automatic cutting, reducing the time for manual cutting and correspondingly improving the processing efficiency. 

3. Use Newgear reducer with the characteristics of low noise and no need to replace and maintain, which ensuring that the machine has high output torque density while running at high speed, greatly improving the accuracy of the machine in high-speed operation. 

4. Adopting Baoyuan 2200 control system and equipped with computer display, it has the advantages of simple and convenient operation. 

5. The XYZ axis adopts imported large-size guide rails. The large-size guide rails ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the machine, and also ensure a higher processing accuracy.


The pneumatic 4 process cabinet cnc machine is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, applicable to the production of wood, stereo wave plate processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wood doors, paint free doors, folding screen, wood grid , hotel decoration, home decoration, furniture, redwood, european furniture, advertising signs, acrylic cutting and blister molding, wood and alike non- metal material, process window processing, shoe polisher, cabinet and panel, model making, computer desk and panel-type furniture’s assistance processing

Working Area



HQD 4.5KW air cooling*2+6KW air cooling*2




Servo motor


Servo driver

Control system

LNC system

Working area

Vacuum absorbed table

Guide rails



Independent syntec

Vacuum pump

7.5KW water cooling pump


AC 380V-50HZ



Driver motor&Electrical parts Famours France Schneider & Japan Yaskawa Servo motor

All the electrical components are housed and wired in a doubled-doored Nema 4 electrical enclosure. This allows for easy access and service when needed. All wiring is tagged so that when service is required, the customer can easily navigate the cabinet. In addition, the cabinet serves as a work bench for the tools required.

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