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Half-enclosed 6090 cnc router

Half-enclosed 6090 cnc router suitable for small non-metallic crafts carving, relief, hollow, 3d plane carving, three-dimensional carving and so on.

Small Wood Carving Machine Description:

Mini carving machine is a small CNC woodworking machine semi-protective device. It has high accuracy, good performance, low price, small footprint, and is mainly used for various small mould engraving.


Mini CNC Engraving Machine Advantages:

1.Imported the ball screw and linear guide way for X Y Z-axis, stable operation, high precision and low vibration.  cnc router machine

2.Optional control system according to your need, we are providing the PCI NcStudio, DSP offline, March 3

3.Cooling system for the metal, hard materials, avoiding breaking the cutters and workpiece.  cnc route

4.Auto tool setting, helping to set the cutters, and not break the cutters.  mini cnc router

5.Power off and break point, continuing processing.

CNC Mini Carving Machine Parameter Configuration:

X, Y, Z working area:

600 x 900 x 120mm

Table size: 

600 x 900mm

Z axis working area:


Working speed:


Max power consumption


X,Y,Z traveling orientation accuracy:


X, Y, Z reorientation accuracy:


Max feeding height:


Operation code:

G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt


NC studio.

Spindle power:


Spindle speed:


Power(not include the spindle):


Working motors:


Working voltage:


Control system:

Card control



Lead rail:

Square rail


Ball screw


Mini Carving Machine Application:

Half-enclosed 6090 cnc router

Advertising board,Label design,Acrylic cutting,model, of the multi material decoration products.

Model industry:
It can engrave on the metal materials such as copper, aluminum ,iron etc and non-mental materials such as man-made marble, sand, plastic board PVC materials, wood board etc.

Other field:
It can engrave many image, embossment,and widely used in artistic industry.

About Us

Shandong iGolden CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a R&D,manufacturing,sales integration company that specializing in cnc router, laser engraving and cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, cutting plotter,etc.The main configuration all adopt top parts which imported from Italy, Japan,Germany, etc. And welcome to visit us for more choices. 



1.What sizes are available for the hobby CNC router machine?

At first, we can customize machine for your special requirements, like the mini size, we made 600*600mm, 600*900mm, 1300*1300mm, etc. So kindly tell me your detailed requirements and I will recommend suitable machines to you.

2.Which industries is the machine suitable for? Is it suitable for a private studio?

Woodworking, furniture, advertising, mold making, stone processing, metal processing industry, and related industries.
Yes, of course, can be used for private business.

3.What are the advantages of the mini CNC router table?

1. Mini size, save floor space.
2. Automatic tool change, save the labor and time cost than by manual or ordinary machines.
3. Can be customization and flexible.
4. Multi-function, friendly interface and easy to operate.
5. Strong company strength, high quality machine quality, professional service support.

4. Can you give me some consumable parts for free?

Yes, of course we will give you some for free.
As you know, we will use this machine for many years, so it better for you to buy some for spare parts, we will give you good suggestions and try to save your costs.

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