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High-Precision Laser Glass Cutting Machine

The laser glass cutting machine uses high-energy and high-precision lasers to cut/drill glass materials. High-definition image alignment and professional customized operation software control system make the production efficiency higher, the repeated positioning more accurate, and the operation easier.

Laser Glass Cutting Machine Introduce:

The laser glass cutter has been widely used in instrumentation glass/photovoltaic glass/mobile phone glass/medical instrument/vehicle display/panel display glass and other industries.

This equipment is mainly composed of marble frame sheet metal, motion gantry module, vacuum adsorption platform CCD alignment structure, panel fixture, laser system, manual unloading platform, electric control system, etc.


Glass Cutting Machine Features:

1. Laser non-contact processing, no hard damage to the product;

2. No water cooling processing, environmental protection and no pollution; no consumables, support 7*24 hours of operation, long-term use and stability;

3. The processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the edge collapse is small, and the power consumption is low;

4. Using picosecond laser, ultra-short pulse processing without heat conduction, suitable for high-speed cutting and drilling of any organic or inorganic materials

5. CCD visual pre-scanning and automatic target positioning, accurate positioning

6. Support a variety of visual positioning features, such as cross, solid circle, hollow circle, L-shaped right-angle edge, image feature points, etc.

7. Automatic cleaning, visual inspection and sorting, automatic loading and unloading and other devices can be customized


Glass Cutting Machine Parameters


Glass Cutting Lasers Sample激光玻璃切割机_08

Glass Cutting Lasers Application Range:

Gem & glass cover plate / optical glass / semiconductor package chip / sapphire / silicon wafer / ceramic substrate and other brittle materials, heat-sensitive polymer / inorganic materials, micro drilling / cutting

LCD panel cutting

Optical lens shape cutting

Organic cover plate and optical lens shape cutting

Novel flexible display or fine electronic circuit etching/cutting of organic/inorganic materials

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