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High Tech 50w 100w Mobile Laser Cleaning Machine For Sale

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Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech surface treatment products. It’s easy to install, control and automation.

Laser Cleaning Machine

How To Use mobile laser cleaning machine

The operation is simple, turn on the power supply, turn on the equipment, can carry on without the chemical reagent, the medium, the water-free cleaning, can adjust the focus manually, adheres the surface cleaning, the cleaning surface cleanliness is high.

Features of Laser Cleaning Machine

The hand gun, featured with compact structure and light weight, is convenient for handling and transportation.

Non-contact cleaning, protecting component base against damage.

Requiring no chemical cleaning solution or consumables, the equipment can realize long-term continuous service and easy upgrade and daily maintenance. Extremely high cleaning efficiency and time saving.

With unique multiple cleaning modes of Haineng, the user can freely switch the cleaning mode according to the actual cleaning situation, so as to improve the cleaning efficiency and effect.

Mechanized usage without redundant setting of parameters, facilitating the use.

With precise cleaning function, selective cleaning of precise position and precise dimension can be realized.Simple operation: after energization, automated cleaning can be realized via hand-held operation or manipulator.Stable laser cleaning system, requiring almost no maintenance.

Multiple lenses of different distances can be switched freely

Laser Cleaning Machine

  • The high-intensity light pulse generated by the laser that calculates and sets the threshold value forms an interaction between the short-pulse laser and the contaminated layer, resulting in a photophysical reaction.

  • The beam is absorbed by the contaminated layer on the surface to be treated. The absorption of large energy forms a rapidly expanding plasma (highly ionized unstable gas), which generates shock waves.

  • The shock waves turn pollutants, oxides, etc. into fragments and gases and are removed to complete the cleaning.

Scope of application of laser cleaning machine

A. Metal surface cleaning

B. Removal paint of metal surface 

C. stains cleaning on the surface

D. Surface coating cleaning

E. Pretreatment of welding surface cleaning  

F. Stone surface cleaning  

G. Rubber mold residue cleaning

H. Non-metal material, such as wood.

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