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How About The Price Of Portable Plasma Cutter

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This is the most flexible plasma cutting machineyou could envisage. The unit arrives ready to go, able to cut fast and precisely. Powered from a standard 230V input supply, the machine is ideal for work on site. Forget the grinder, simply take the torch and cut in seconds.

 portable plasma cutter

The application of the portable plasma cutter :

Plasma cutting machine (also known as "CNC plasma cutting machine") is mainly used in all kinds of metal plates (such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy), but also in the complex pattern of the above materials Processing.

· Plasma cutting has the advantages of good cutting accuracy and fast cutting speed. The cut work piece generally does not require secondary processing. Plasma cutting machines are widely used in the manufacturing of sheet metal processing, bridge construction,metallurgy and shipbuilding, electrical equipment, molds, automobiles, elevators, food machinery, engineering machinery, boiler containers, railway locomotives and other industries.Price: 10500-12500$


portable plasma cutter machine

u Max cutting speed can reach to 18m per minute while precision keep within ±0.3mm.

u Adopting combination of rivet weld and assemble for machine structure to avoid deformation of machine.

u Less and tidy incision, no cutting slag or need of after treatment.

u Applied for mild steel plate,aluminium plate, galvanizing plate,titanium plate and so on.

u High configuration for numerical control system, stable performance. Automatic arc striking can reach to 99% success rate.

u Plasma power and cutting torch adops Chinese famous brand which gains national patent.

u Can be used together with other advertising equipment(Blister machine,grooving machine,bending machine) to build production line of metal character.

u Supporting G-code file either generated by ARTCUT, CAXA, ARTCAM, Type3 software or  DXF format generated by other software. Control system adopts U disk swapping processing.

u Positioned by laser modules. High positioning precision and humanization design.


-IGBT inverter,high frequency soft switches, high efficiency and reliability.

-Welding parameters can be set accurately.

-AC square wave is especially suitable for welding aluminum alloy products.

-DC square wave for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and other non-ferrous metals.

-Easy arc starting, stable welding current, excellent square wave.

-Fast response, little splashing, excellent welding appearance.

-Suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metal material.



Plasma source




Control system

Starfire control system



Guide rail

XYZ Axis Taiwan liner square guide rail


Z Axis Taiwan TBI ball screw


3phase 380V/50HZ

Machine dimension




Free  parts

Software: Fastcam

Nozzle and Electrodes


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