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portable cnc plasma cutting machine

The portable CNC plasma cutter for sale machine has a compact and microstructure. The horizontal and vertical rails of the whole machine are made of hard aluminium alloy, which reduces the weight of the equipment, so as to achieve the characteristics of easy movement, compact and flexible operation. It is an ideal upgrade product to replace handheld flame-cutting equipment, handheld plasma cutting devices, profiling cutting machines and semi-automatic cutting carts. The use is as flexible and convenient as the cutting trolley, and it can be moved at will without occupying a fixed site. It is a CNC equipment specially used for sheet metal blanking.
  • 2000-2500$

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Machine Advantages

1. The machine is all welded as seamless steel structure. Steady structure and long life time. 

2. Guide rail is originally imported form Germany TBI brand, more precision and more stable more durable.

3. With Torch Height Control system, selfadjusting to choose the best torch distance to ensure cutting accuracy.

4. Free air compressor is send together with the machine, don’t need to buy other parts for the machine. 

5. CNC system configuration high, automatic arc, stable performance, the success rate of 99% arc starting.

Parameter Configuration

Plasma source




Control system

Starfire control system



Guide rail

XYZ Axis Taiwan liner square guide rail


Z Axis Taiwan TBI ball screw


3phase 380V/50HZ

Machine dimension




Free  parts

Software: Fastcam

Nozzle and Electrodes


Scope of Application


Widely used in machine tool manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, light industry machinery, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, engineering machinery, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structures, boilers, radiators, and other industries.

About Us

Shandong iGolden CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a R&D,manufacturing,sales integration company that specializing in cnc router, laser engraving and cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, cutting plotter,etc.The main configuration all adopt top parts which imported from Italy, Japan,Germany,etc. And welcome to visit us for more choices. 



1.How much is the plasma cutting machine?

For the plasma cutter, the price is different according to the function and configuration. Please contact us for more details.

2.How to choose the suitable power of the plasma?

It depend on the material thickness you want to processing and the running frequency of the machine. Please let us know which material do you want to process and the thickness.

3.What's material available for the plasma cutting machine?

The plasma cutting machine is only for metal sheet, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, iron, galvanized, etc..

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