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How about the quality of Chinese EPS Foam CNC Route

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What is the EPS Foam CNC Router? EPS Foam CNC Router is one kind of foam CNC machines, it is mainly working as a CNC foam cutter for styrofoam carving, it has a big working dimension, does a good job in carving or cutting of large scale workpieces in different materials, such as wood, aluminum, styrofoam, but not for steel, iron, etc. We also call it EPS CNC, Foam CNC briefly. PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests. Features

 EPS Foam CNC Route

 Features of EPS Foam CNC Router

1, The foam EPS Foam CNC Router is particularly suitable for automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, trains and other wooden mold.

2, We use top-quality four-row imported ball bearing, wide linear lead rail and self-lubricating block for the machine. It can balance the force in all directions to ensure the machine’s accuracy and strength when engraving.

3, The route of Z axis can be heightened to 1000mm, so it is suitable for processing large-scale and super-thick material.

4, The design documents of intelligent processing cross-border protection can prevent the excessive process caused by mechanical impact.

5, The diversified processing speed can be controlled separately. The speed of idle running and roll setting improve the quality of processed products and processing efficiency greatly.

Application of EPS Foam CNC Router

This EPS foam CNC router adopts full computer numerical control, wire cutter cutting and strong vacuum cleaner for 2D/3D graphics cutting of EPS, foam, PU, PE, PVC and other soft/hard materials.

Enhancement / Upgrade Version: 

The structures, tables, CNC kits among Foam CNC Router machines are more or less the same, but they always have different spindles, this also led to a difference in price and machining ability. For Basic type and common usage, it has the same spindle as 3 axis CNC; For a heavy-duty and long time working, we recommend it equipped with an ATC spindle; For complex surface carving, a swing spindle is better; Sometimes, 

Basic Advantages:

High soft, famous brand electric cables, with high Abrasion, fold, high temperature, acid and alkali resistant .

Original Imported Taiwan Hiwin Guide Rail , Taiwan and Germany Imported ball screw.

We will provide you several kinds software for free, with English and multilingual versions. Also you can get the perfect picture storage with thousands 2D and 3D designs, and some kinds of spare parts, work piece fixtures .

Perfect after sale service, timely reply to your any question, professional instructions for the machine, software and parts' using.

Any workstage is strictly processed according to Euro CE Quality Standard and ISO. Any set CNC Router will be done at least 72 hours careful testing and checking, from small part to the whole machine. After any part's quality inspection finishing Basic maintenance measures, then the machine can be packaged by the specialized workers for transport.

Our company has powerful strength in metal Machining. In order to make sure every detail's high quality level, most of the machine's metal parts are made by our own Machining Center imported from American .



Working area



Yaskawa 850W, Japan




Taiwan SYNTEC control system+handwheel


9KW HSD Italy air cooling spindle with   swing 180degree


Japan Yaskawa Servo


X, Y axis 960mm helical gear


Z axis screw

Tool set

Automatic tool setting


3 Phase/380V/50HZ

Application Industries of  EPS Foam CNC Router

Suitable for Furniture Industry, Mould Industry, Craft Industry, Stone processing factories, Furnace (fireplace) making, Tombstone processing industries, Advertisement industries for Stone art craft works, Home & Outdoor Product making industries, Architectural decoration industries, etc.

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