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How Does The CNC Stone Cutting Machine Work

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The CNC stone cutting machineis a three-dimensional numerical control system, and its working principle is shown in the figure: special design and typesetting software are installed in the general microcomputer to design and typeset graphics and text, automatically generate processing path information, and transmit it through a USB interface or other data. The interface transmits the tool path data to the single-chip microcomputer. After the CNC system receives the tool path data and completes a series of functions such as display and user interaction, it uses a specific algorithm to convert the input path information into CNC information, and the controller converts this information into drive The signal (pulse train) of the stepper motor or servo motor controls the x, Y and Z axes of the engraving machine. At the same time, by milling, you can engrave various planes or three-dimensional graphic characters designed on the computer to realize automatic engraving processing.

 CNC Stone Cutting Machine


   This CNC stone cutting machine  is a fully automated stone CNC machine that is used for cutting stone slab.

How?It’s designed to make accurate cutting out of granite, marble, quartz stone for square, oval and other shape, do stone edge cutting and chamfer cutting It’s a easy and cost-effective stone 5 axis auto cutting machine.


   This CNC stone cutting machine adopt linear guide rail, moving motor use all servo motor to ensure the speed and accuracy.

   1.The cutting head can do 0-360 degree rotate and can stop at any degree for size to size cutting, shape cutting, sink hole cutting and so on.

   2.The cutting blade can do 0-90 tilt for edge chamfer cutting.

   3.Worktable can do 0-85 degree tilt for easy load big slabs.

Production description


 CNC stone cutting machine includes work table, CNC controller, High pressure system with cooling system, Auto abrasive feeder, Water treatment and Sludge Removal System, etc.

Waterjet can cut almost every thing, including: Stainless steel, hard tool steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, tungsten steel, zirconia, glass, plexiglass, rubber, ceramic,marble, granite, etc.



 CNC stone cutting machine , multi language conversion, table processing by one machine, x-y-z-a-b five axis linkage, more widely used, simple operation and stronger practicability.

used for cutting, chamfering, edge grinding, slotting, drilling, circular arc and other special-shaped processing.

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