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IGW-5AM-3012 Table Mobile Five Axis CNC Planer Price

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What is a CNC Router Machine? And it is always be used for engraving various materials, such as wood, Acrylic, PVC board, MDF, marble, rubber board, plastics, glass, and foams, crystal, etc. Relying on the advantages of complete types, wide application range, complete functions, high processing accuracy, fast production efficiency, and simple operation, wood engraving machines are loved by more and more users. In addition to the large demand in the domestic market each year, more CNC Router Machine are exported to various foreign countries.

IGW-5AM-3012 Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router

Diversified Machine Systems’ 5 Axis Moving Table Machining Centers offers a stationary bridge with moving table design for full 5 axis machining

and contouring. These high-precision machines are commonly used for contouring, trimming and drilling processes. 

  • Price: 65200-84762$

Advanced IGW-5AM-3012 Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router, also known as IGW-5AM-3012 Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router, 5 axis CNC milling machine, is good at space curved surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique drilling, chamfering, etc. It IGW-5AM-3012 Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router,is widely used in aerospace, military scientific research, precision machinery, high-precision medical equipment, normal manufacturing, etc.

 Main Features of IGW-5AM-3012 Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router:

1、Italy OSAI controlling system, steady performance, powerful function ,easy operation

2、Well-known Italy HSD air cooling spindle ,high precision, long life time, steady working

3、Well-designed whole cast steel lathe bed, well welded ,no distortion for whole structure

4、Movable table structure, working more steadily than that with moving gantry,especially while engraving waved plate

5、Adopted Japan THK linear square guide rail system, working steadily, high precision ,long life time 

6、Diversified controlling. It can control working speed, air line speed and cuter setting .

Applied  Industries  of IGW-5AM-3012 Table Moving 5 Axis Cnc Router:                                                                  

1.WoodFurniture Industry: Wave Plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.

2.Advertising industry: advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.

3.Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal mold s, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wooden planks and other non-metallic mold.

4.Relief sculpture and 3D engraving

5.Cylindrical object

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