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Kitchen Cabinet Door Making Machines Used In Furniture Manufacturing Industry

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As a cabinet maker, you want to know that your CNC machine is going to perform all day, every day, for many years to come. If you’re considering adding automation to your cabinet production, our Kitchen cabinet door making machines model is a great choice, balancing low cost with high quality and is compatible with many popular cabinet design software packages.

You need a Kitchen cabinet door making machines to complete the right work correctly and quickly!

The industrial Kitchen cabinet door making machines is the tool of choice for making cabinets. Whether you want to manufacture a set of one-off fully custom-designed cabinets, or needs need to design and build a system for a large number of unified cabinet production, we can meet your requirements.

We have helped thousands of cabinet manufacturers and woodworkers transform their shops. From traditional panel saws, manual milling machines, drills, and hand tools to successfully take full advantage of the huge advantages of CNC cabinet manufacturing.

Key Specifications/Special Features of Kitchen cabinet door making machines:

Kitchen cabinet door making machinesfeatures. This is the new model woodworking machine, it is the automatic tool change (spindle change) through the air cylinder. And the most important thing is that its cost is lower than the linear type atc and circle type atc model. 

1. This model machine is suitable for 2 different kinds of tools (blade) when engraving the patterns, it can process kinds of designs at the same time, no need to change tools(blade), so it improves the machining efficiency;. 

2. Hiwin square guide way, double row four columns ball slider, more stable, high precision, and longer life;. 3

. Whole steel structure welding temper aging treatment of metal solid deformation,. More stable, high rigidity, bearing strength better. 

4. Original ncstudio control system, has broken-point memory function, high stability, high efficiency, easy to learn at the same time;. 

5. Good software compatibility, suitable for type3, artcam, castmate, ucanamv9, and autocad etc. 

6. It is suitable for wood door, cabinet door, many kinds of furniture with complex patterns and mass production processing. Technical parameters. 

Machine details:

Kitchen cabinet door making machines

Italy HSD Air cooling 9kw ATC spindle+HSD  drilling unite + Saw

Kitchen cabinet door making machines

Kitchen cabinet door making machines

Full automatic Intelligent CNC Router is mainly used in furniture making industry, especially cabinet closet and door industries.

Frame or frameless cabinet construction

Entertainment units

Kitchen cabinets, islands and peninsulas

Closets: Walk-ins, Reach-ins, Entries, Pantries

Angled and radius cabinets and countertops



Home office workstations

Fine custom cabinetry… and much more

Gantry Of Kitchen cabinet door making machines

The gantry of The Kitchen cabinet door making machines is made of welded thick steel pipes, and reinforcement ribs are welded to each column of the gantry. In this way, Our CNC kitchen cabinets machines not only ensure the stability of the gantry, but also can load a variety of driver components, such as belts, and wiring harnesses, motors, bearings, etc. So the CNC router for woodworking can achieve smooth precision cutting.

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