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Low Cost CNC Plasma Cutter For Metal

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IGOLDENCNC is proud to bring you 100% China made cnc plasma cutter machines at a price that can’t be challenged by anything in a similar price range. Our CNC plasmas offer state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components you’d expect to find in machines that cost two to three times as much or sometimes more.

cnc plasma cutter

low cost cnc plasma cutter Features:

1. The beam uses light structural design, with good rigidity structure, light dead weight and small movement inertia.

2. The gantry structure, X, Y axis all adopt straight rail that make the machine driving smoothly with high-precision.

3. Aiming at cutting three dimension LED character, trough metal panels and floor cutting, the accuracy can reach good.

4. The CNC plasma cutting table is equipped with other advertise equipment, forming the advertising word processing pipe line. Completely solve the traditional manual processing methods. Improve the efficiency of several times.

5. The cutting mouth is small, tidy, and avoid a second dressing processing.

6. The CNC plasma cutting table is used to cut iron sheet, aluminium sheet, galvanized sheet, hundred steel plates, sheet metals and so on.

7. High cutting speed, high precision, low cost.

8. The numerical control system disposes high, the automatic striking arc, the performance is stable.

9. The plasma cutting machine supports Wentai, Astronautics Haire, ARTCAM softwares.

10. The control system uses the U-disk exchange processing document, easy to operate.

Muti-function Plasma machine details

cnc plasma cutter

Advantages of low cost cnc plasma cutter 

Able to cut all conductive materials. Flame cutting, though also suitable for cutting thick metals, is limited to ferrous metals only.

Great quality for thickness up to 50 mm.

Maximum thickness up to 150 mm.

Comparatively cheap for medium thickness cuts.

Best way to cut medium thickness stainless steel and aluminium.

CNC machines are available to provide high precision and repeatability.

Can cut in water, resulting in smaller HAZ. Also reduces noise levels.

Smaller cutting kerf compared to flame cutting.

Quicker cutting speed than oxyfuel.

CNC plasma cutting machines are good at smooth cutting edges of the material giving a clean and precise cut. Products are ideally suited for automotive fabrication, structural steel cutting, construction, sign shops, metal fabrication, decorative fencing. See below the window fence project, which was built by igoldencnc client.

IGP-1530 Muti-function Plasma achine Processed Samples

Metal Cutting

cnc plasma cutter

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