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IGP-1530 Multi-function Plasma machine

The IGP-1530 is a multi-functional plasma machine that has the ability to drill and mark in addition to the normal cutting functions. The machine comes with a rotary axis to cut round and square tubes.

IGP-1530 Multi-Function Plasma Machine Pictures

Multifunctional Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma with rotary axis

Multi-Functional Plasma Cutting Machine Description:

The CNC plasma cutter machine can not only meet 80% of the needs of large-scale flat cutting, but also 20% of the needs of tube cutting. It is equipped with an advanced tube-sheet dual-use CNC cutting system and a tube-sheet dual-use CNC cutting system.

Multi-Function Plasma Cutter video

CNC Plasma Cutter Machine Parameter

Model IGP-1530 Muti-function Plasma machine
Working area  1500x3000mm         
Drilling head With
Marking head With
Torch height controller with
Rotary axis Option 100/150/200/250/300/400mm...
Working table Saw tooth table
Plasma power supply Huayuan LGK63A/120A/160A/200A  Hypertherm optional
Cooling system Air/ Water cooling
Control system Starfire control system/FangLing system
Flies transfer USB interface
Transmission X,Y-helical rack pinion, Z ball screw
Guide rail Taiwan Hiwin guide rail
Drive system Stepper motor and drivers Optional Japan AC servo motor
Arc Untouched Arc Striking
Traveling speed 0-40000mm/min
Working speed
According to the cutting thickness
Working voltage 3 phase 380V/50HZ
Software Fastcam

IGP-1530 Plasma Cutter Machine Details

Plasma cutter multifunctional head

Multifunctional plasma cutting machine,with drill head and marking head

For multiple purposes

Side-mounted rotary axis plasma cutter

Rotary axis cutting

Plasma cutter table tops

Saw tooth working table

Plasma Machine Systems

F2300A multi-function CNC control system(Or Starfire control system)

Plasma Power Supplies

Huayuan LGK63A/120A/160A/200A  / Hypertherm optional

IGP-1530 Multi-Function Plasma Achine Processed Samples

Metal Cutting

Plasma Cutting Samples

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