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  • Jun
    The difference between ATC cnc router and carpentry engraving machine

    1. CraftThe carpentry engraving machine is mainly used for a second processing of finished products that have been done, such as carving patterns or hollowing on door panels to make doors more beautiful.ATC cnc router not only completes the process of carpentry engraving machines, but also cuts, slo

  • Jun
    What are the ways of woodworking engraving machine carving?

    The use of carpentry engraving machine engraving processing customers know that flat bottom, sharp bottom, contour engraving cutting and other processing processes are the most common way of machining woodworking engraving machine. But different processing processes and methods, all need to be famil

  • May
    Why is the accuracy of my woodworking machine down?

    The decrease of the precision of woodworking machinery is a large part of the reason is that the guide rail, the need to check the wear of the guide rail, serious wear will lead to unstable operation, affecting the accuracy of woodworking machinery. The flatness of the countertop is also an importan

  • Mar
    What should be paid attention to in the use of woodworking engraving machine

    The use of woodworking engraving machine has become more and more extensive, a good engraving machine not only let us save effort, but also improveOur efficiency, a good equipment not only to pass the quality, in the daily use of We also have to noteSome things, so that you can better play with its

  • Jan
    Common control system of woodworking cutting machine

    At present, the mainstream of the CNC system of woodworking cutting machine is the new generation system, Weihong system plus Delta or Anchuan servo, this combination stability is relatively high, is also the most common application.In the past two years, new generation manufacturers launched a cont

  • Jan
    Queena’s client from Turkmenistan visit our factory

    Today Queena’s client come to our factory, this client is from Turkmenistan .This client need metal cnc router 1325 and plasma cutting machine. He need the metal cnc router 1325 to engrave and use plasma cutting machine 1325 to cut. This client have steel samples.We take him around our factory and w

  • Jan
    ATC cnc router tool magazine failures

    (1) atc cnc router magazine cannot be turned or rotatedThe reasons are as follows:1.The loose coupling of the motor shaft and the worm shaft; 2.The inverter should be checked whether the input or output voltage of the inverter is normal or not; 3.The PLC has no control output and may be the failure

  • Jan
    Why choose igoldencnc

    Have attitude and responsibilityigoldenccn is an engraving machine manufacturer with experience in the development, production, and sales of CNC equipment such as engraving machines, cutting machines, and machining centers for nearly ten years. In order to enhance the influence and quality of the ig

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