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Stone Granite Tombstone CNC Cutting & Engraving Machine

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Stone CNC Machine

Stone CNC machine is quite necessary for marble processing owing to its overwhelmingly advantages over traditional method. Actually different kinds of stone processing machines are available from market, are you looking for the machine for your workshop but have no idea of which is the best stone cnc machine within your budget? Please check this 2023 buyers guide and you will find the satisfactory one here.

Types of CNC Marble Machine

Granite CNC machine can be divided into different types in terms of function & structure, some of them are discussed here as follows:

CNC Stone  Cutting Machine Bridge Saw

CNC bridge saw is an advanced CNC cutting machine, it takes diamond blade as cutting tool and is controlled by 5-axis linkage system, namely, 3 straight moving axes and 2 rotation axes.

Different processing functions are available including cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc. The CNC bridge saw has much advantages of high automation, easy operation and advanced functions, it greatly improves the working efficiency and processing accuracy, thus is an indispensable equipment for stone processing industry.

saw granite cutting machine

granite sink hole cutting machine

Stone Bridge Saw Machine

1. Stone bridge saw machine

A Stone bridge saw machine is a kind of stone cutting equipment. The stone bridge cutting machine meets the diversified cutting needs of stone. It is suitable for special-shaped cutting, chamfering, edging, etc. of granite, marble, artificial stone, slate, etc. Digging, cutting, and edging for kitchen, bathroom, and toilet countertops in the home improvement industry.

2. How does a stone bridge saw machine work?

The stone bridge cutting machine is composed of a mainframe, an auxiliary frame, a workbench, a power system, a hydraulic system, and an electric control system. The stone is placed on the workbench and is moved by the X-axis and Y-axis to achieve the required position. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the stone is slowly cut by the blade to achieve the desired shape.

CNC Stone Engraving Machine

Stone engraving machine, also known as stone cnc router, granite engraving machine, is a highly automatic CNC machine tool which takes tool bits for carving & engraving works on different materials, including marble, granite, quartz, bluestone, jade, artificial stone and ceramic, glass, plastic and other hard materials.
The CNC granite engraving machine can carry out various complicated works, such as linear carving, character carving, 2D flat engraving, 3D relieving, shadow carving, cutting, chamfering, drilling, etc.

tombstone machine

cnc stone carving machine

This Stone Carving Machine adopts a numerical control system, three-axis linkage, double row four-row slider, constant power spindle motor, two-way tool cooling system, with stable running, high precision, and high-efficiency advantages, suitable for processing marble, granite, bluestone, jade, agate, copper plate, and aluminum plate and other materials.

CNC Stone Machining Center

The quartz stone CNC machining center is a dedicated stone processing equipment integrating shape-molding, edge polishing, engraving, milling and profile cutting. It successfully solves the problem of low working efficiency, high cost and poor performance during the production of of high-end process quartz stone countertops.

The stone CNC machining center is suitable for carving & edge polishing of cabinet stone countertops, tea tray & quartz stone countertops, and drilling, polishing, chamfering & engraving of other heterogeneous stone, ceramics, glass and microcrystalline.

Cnc Stone Center Machine

Stone CNC Router parts -3

In addition, stone CNC working center is also known as CNC slate engraving stone shaping machine,natural stone processing equipment, CNC granite stone milling machine, CNC marble stone design machine, marble CNC cutting stone processing machinery, etc.

CNC Stone Machine Price

The cost of marble CNC machine is closely related to the actual machine type and its configuration.  Different kinds of granite CNC machines are available such as marble engraving machine, stone cnc machining center, 5 axis cnc bridge saw, etc.  Though of similar appearance, their functions & structures vary much.Also, the actual configuration of those granite cnc machines are quite different, important parts that matter include HSD spindle, servo motors, drivers, CNC system, software, guide rails, rack pinon, etc.Besides, some other factors will have to be taken into consideration for overseas buyers, including tax, customs clearance, shipping fee, etc.  In general, market price of the marble cnc machine ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 100,000, depending on the actual type and the specific configuration of the marble machines.

What Is a Stone CNC Machine?

CNC marble machine is a kind of advanced equipment which integrates CNC(computer numerical control)technology with stone processing techniques, running of the CNC machine is controlled by program with the help of control system. when working, the spindle or head moves along the path which is preset in control system to carry out different works on marble materials, such as carving, engraving, cutting, edge polishing, drilling, etc.

CNC stone is characterized of high working efficiency, high running accuracy, excellent performance, high automation and easy operation, thus is widely used in home decoration, construction, advertising, artwork and other stone processing fields.

Stone CNC Machine Application

Home decoration industry:
Cutting & engraving of countertops and stone components for doorsteps, staircases & thresholds, flooring, fireplace, TV background wall, fence, etc.

Construction & building industry:
Building curtain wall, concrete panels, architectural components, street furniture, ventilated facades, staircases, bridge armrest, European-style window, etc.

Funeral industry:
tombstone, Monument, fences, stone sculpture and other kinds of stone components for funeral purposes.

Artworks & advertising industry:
inlays and mosaics, garden antique sculpture, carving and sculpturing, etc.

Stone ATC Cnc RouterHeavy duty stone engraving machinecnc sink cutout machine

What Materials Can Be Cut With A Stone CNC Machine?

CNC Machine For Marble And Granite

A stone CNC machine can be used to carve a wide range of materials, including granite, marble, and limestone.

The machine uses a diamond-tipped bit to cut through the stone, allowing for precise and intricate designs. It is powered by compressed air that moves the cutter along the surface of the stone at a rapid speed. This allows for the quick and easy carving of even the most difficult materials.

As its name suggests, this machine works best with stone. this equipment is ideal for intricate designs that would be nearly impossible by hand or more traditional means of fabrication. It can produce pieces that fit together perfectly, reducing the need for complex measurements and assembly before installation.

CNC Stone Cutting Machine

This stone CNC machining center can cut quartz, marble, granite, and rock slabs with a powerful saw blade. It combines a saw blade and CNC router tools to achieve multiple advanced functions. For example, cutting and milling straight and inclined edges, chamfering, cutting arc edges, polygon, edge milling, edge tracking, and other powerful functions. The 5 axis bridge saw is widely used in the stone processing plants, kitchen countertop processing, background wall profiling, and other fields.

How Does A Stone CNC Machine Work?

A stone CNC machine is a computer-controlled cutting machine that uses diamond-tipped bits to carve stone. The machine is attached to a computer that sends instructions to the cutter, allowing for precise carving and intricate designs. 

 The machine works by first creating a digital model of the object that is to be carved. This model is then sent to the CNC machine, which uses it to create a path for the cutter. The cutter then follows this path, carving the stone according to the digital model. 

 Some machines are capable of very precise cuts, down to fractions of an inch. They use bits made from tungsten carbide or diamond, which can cut through stone with ease. The machine is usually powered by compressed air that moves the cutter along the surface of the stone at a rapid speed. It may be attached to a frame that sits atop the stone.

 A stone CNC machine can be used to create a wide range of objects, including sculptures, tablets, and architectural pieces. The cutter works by tracing along with a digital model that was created beforehand on the computer. This design can be changed at any time while the object is being carved, adding another layer of flexibility to this machine.

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