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What Is The Reason For The Fracture Of CNC Foam Cutter Heating Wire

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CNC Foam Cutter in Molding Industry The main application of CNC foam cutter is to make foam molds. The foam molding industry has close ties with auto manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industries. Many specialists and experts need CNC foam cutter to realize their mechanical designs. CNC foam cutter processes foam mold with high precision. The product highly restore the appearance and internal structure of each part. The foam molds vividly show the design concept of designers, and allow designers to analyze and optimize their designs.

 CNC Foam Cutter

The reason why hot wires of CNC foam cutting machine is broken

1. When cutting eps foam parts, the running speed is too fast or the work piece has residue;

2. The performance of the pulsed power supply clipping diode is deteriorated, and the negative wave in the processing is large, so that the loss of the hot wires in a short time is increased;

3, the hot wire is of poor quality or poorly stored, resulting in oxidation, or when using a small iron rod or other improper tools to wire the wire, causing damage to the wire;

4. The speed of the wire storage tube is too slow, so that the hot wires stays in the working area for too long;

5. The diameter of the hot wire is improperly selected when cutting the workpiece;

6, the selection of electrical parameters is improper, the current is too large;

7, the feed adjustment is improper, suddenly slow and slow, open circuit short circuit frequently;

8. The conductive block fails to contact the heating wire or has been pulled out of the dent by the heating wire, resulting in poor contact.

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Machine is with a big rotary device, can make different kinds of 3d sculptures, statues, figures, idols, landscapes, stage props, park designs, etc. 

Machine is with a flat table, can do deep flat works, like 3d reliefs, 3d molds, door furniture, acrylic words/letters, landscapes , etc.

Spindle rotate from 0 to 180 degree, can make arc-surface milling, bending surface machining for 4D jobs, like special shaped arts, bended doors or cabinets, also can make horizontal milling, cutting and drilling works.

With linear type automatic tool changer, spindle change tools automatically,no need manual work,keep good working accuracy and increased working speed.

Competitive Advantage of CNC Foam Cutter

1. About 20 years of experience in producing polyfoam products

2. Sophisticated technology

3. Can open new mould as customer’s need

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 6. A variety of designs

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