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The Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router Features And Benefits

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Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router Hobby Desktop Machine has a smaller working table of 24x36 inches. With the advantages of small footprint, easy operation, best price, it is especially suitable for the hobby users or smaller shop.

Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router

Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router is an entry level tabletop CNC machine kit with mini table size, which just need small space to place. Although the table top is mini, but it is still a high quality CNC machine, the whole machine frame adopts iron cast structure, which has strong rigidity. The tabletop CNC router machine can do 2D or 3D cutting, carving, milling, and drilling work. The desktop CNC router table can cut or carve many different materials, like wood, stone, acrylic, MDF, plywood, OSB, ABS, foam, aluminum, brass, copper, and other soft metals. The Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router is widely used in sign making, mold making, arts, crafts, gifts, decorations, and other mini CNC router projects. No matter for the serious hobbyists, the home shop, or the small business, STG6090 will be your best choice. 

Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router description:

Our Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router have good stability , high accuracy ,lower wastage and long service time.Principal Axis use Water-cooling principal axis, resistant to wear and low noise and can cooling the machine timely and effective .Then Machine Casing have Factory customization ,electrostatic plastic absorbing and no peeling paint.High accuracy.The control box adopts advanced CNC system, making it high stability. Guide Rail adopts Taiwan HIWIN double nut ball screw ensures more stable movement and high accuracy.

 What is the Advantage of Mini 2'x3' 6090 CNC Router?

♦ Multi-function cnc router machine with heavy duty welded structure.

♦ 1.5kw water cooling spindle with 24000r/min 

♦ Fast speed and high precision.

♦ NC studio controller, PC operation ;dustproof design,is very convenient.

♦ HIWIN linear rail from Taiwan for 3 aixs, more stable, it's lifetime is 10 times longer than common rail way.

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