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The Top Multifunctional Atc Wood CNC Router Machine Price

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What is Multifunctional Atc Wood CNC Router Machine ? 

Multifunctional Atc Wood CNC Router Machine is the first choice for enterprises with large production volume. Compared with the traditional manual tool change production method, this type of wood CNC machine has an independent tool magazine with different tool bits. It can automatically change the required tools by computer program control without stopping work during processing. And this Multifunctional Atc Wood CNC Router Machine  can complete a series of cutting, hollowing, grooving, punching, milling grooves, milling planes and other different processing needs. Therefore, both the processing quality and processing efficiency have been greatly improved.

Igoldencnc Multifunctional Atc Wood CNC Router Machine adopt different parts,which suitable for different materials work,according to the parts choice,the machine use to engraving,carving,cutting,milling,drilling etc for all kinds of materials,as for the models which you concerned,

  • Price: 13350-17350$

Multifunctional Atc Wood CNC Router Machine


1.The 9.0KW high-power spindle is suitable for high-speed cutting and blanking, and the large-capacity in-line tool magazine saves tool change operation time;

2.Both conventional panel furniture production technology and invisible part technology can be processed;

3.Taiwan's Syntec/Delta humanized control system, Chinese and English interface can be switched, the system is powerful, and the operation is simple. Among them, the Delta system industry's first one-key milling of liners (750Kg/m3 density fiberboard) and one-key processing of liners The installation holes of embedded parts can be automatically queued for continuous processing;

4.Thick-wall welded steel heavy-duty gantry and bed, the equipment runs at high speed, low vibration, low noise, stable operation,high-speed cutting is not easy to chip, continuous cutting;

5.Double-layer vacuum partition adsorption table to ensure that the small board processing does not run off;

6.During the production process of the whole machine and before leaving the factory, it undergoes strict quality inspection and control and test machining tests to ensure that the back plate grooves and the front and back holes are accurately punched.

7.Docking the automatic labeling machine, intelligent automation first labeling and then opening the material, reducing manual intervention and preventing errors and sheet waste caused by manual labeling.


1.advertising industry:wood,pvc,aluminum carving and cutting and openwork on relief.

2.woodworking sculpture:mdf,Mahogany,solid wood,plywood 3d carving and cutting.

9KW ATC air cooling spindle

9KW Chinese ATC air cooling spindle to ensure the machine can be vigorous cutting. Smooth body, not easy to rust; powerful and longer lifetime. Independent research and development, rational design.

LEADSHINE Hybrid servo motor

Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly convertedinto angular displacement. Cheap and good performance ,function is to drive the axis movement as parameter setting.

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