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Top Four Process Nested CNC Router For Cabinets In 2021

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The Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinetsis a simple ATC CNC router. It has the advantages of low procurement cost, simple operation and complete functions. Four different cutters can be installed to complete various processing functions such as cutting, engraving and drilling at one time. The error of manual tool change is reduced, and the production efficiency is correspondingly improved. It is an ideal choice for large production enterprises.

Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets


1.integrally cast lathe bed under vibration aging tratment, ensures minimum distortion. 

2. Double motors and driver of y axis ensures steady movement. 

3. High accuracy rack gear transmission ensures fast speed and high accuracy. 

4. Optimizeed mechanical and electrical designes with well-selected brands parts miniized breakdown rate. 

5. High power spindle, ensures the machine can be greatly cut. 

6. Function of continuous working at stop point by power failure. 

7. Optional vaccume cleaner. 

 Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets application:

Plate-type furniture, custom furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, wooden cabinet wardrobe, cabinet door, closet door, MDF wood doors, craft wooden door, paint free door, TV cabinet, computer table, bedside table, shoe cabinet, bookcase, entrance cabinet, display cabinet, medicine cabinet, wooden speaker, wooden kitchen cabinet, screen, craft window.

Applicable to many kinds of wood plates, automatic switching processing, high-speed intelligent cutting, slotting and drilling.

It can be used for large area MDF wood board and solid wood boards’ plane milling, engraving, hollowing, cutting, 3D relief etc diversified processing, wide range of uses, cost-effective.

PVC Vacuum suction table and dust collector system

Our Four Process Nested CNC Router for Cabinets with 6 Vacuum suction zones for both big&small piece fixinwith separately control switch, making sure the suction is enough , and each spindle with dust cover and vacuum hose ,ensuring clean working environment ,humanized operation,also good for machine maintenance.

♦Why do we design and produce Four Process Nested CNC Router?

1. Some clients can not afford the ATC CNC Router with more than 20000 dollars but also want one automatic and economical tool changing equipment. The four spindles nesting simple atc CNC router machine is such machine with two or three or four processing and intelligent multi-function.

2. In processing samples working, we need 2 or 3 cutting bits to finish different engraving patterns. The woodworking cnc cutting machine can shorten time of tool-changing and tool-setting.

3.This machine is widely used in panel(cabinet)furniture carving ,cutting ,drilling industry. Multi-spindles Penumatic cnc router can change the spindle automatically . Different spindles are installed with different tool bits. one is for rough working, one is for finishing working, one is for cutting or drillin

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