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Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Marble Bridge Cutting Machine

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This bridge saw with mobile bridge features a steel frame. It is sandblasted and ceramic coated and it offers a CNC axis control with touch-screen color display for cuts programming. The head of this bridge saw features automatic rotation from 0°-360° to allow for programming interpolated straight cuts. Stone fabricators select this saw more than any other Achilli saw because it is the perfect combination of simplicity, flexibility and durability. Take a closer look the features of the marble bridge cutting machine:

 marble bridge cutting machine

Matters needing attention in the use of stone cutting bridge saw:

1. The bridge saw cutting machine is not allowed to be fixed on the support.

2. Diamond cutting wheels generally cannot cut metal materials.

3. Generally, the stone cutting machine can only be used for horizontal surfaces. When cutting, the diamond cutting wheel must be sharp. Do not cut too hard, too much force will shorten the service life of the motor, or even damage the motor.

4. Do not use the diamond cut-off wheel for curved or curved cutting, otherwise the diamond cut-off wheel will be damaged and the service life will be greatly shortened.

5. The sawing operation can only be carried out after the full speed is turned on. The sawing depth of the 110mm stone cutting machine should be less than 20mm. When the depth exceeds 20mm, the cutting operation must be performed twice.

6. In order to prevent electric shock, a residual current circuit breaker or a safety isolating transformer should be installed. As an additional protection against electric shock, please be sure to wear rubber gloves and rubber boots during operation.

7. At the end of each operation, the stone cutter should be left idling for a while to remove the dust inside the tool.

8. Do not clamp the stone cutter wheel upwards on the bench vise for cutting, which may cause serious accidents.

9. Before the cutting machine stops, do not put it down or use any external force to force the stone cutting machine to stop.

Bridge saw cutting machine Features

1) 4 axis lnterpolation and 1 axis electronic control with Italian CNC Esa system.

2) Easy to use interface with 19" color touch-screen.

3) Blade can rotate 0°-360° and tilt 90° for any any direction's and any angle's chamfering cutting.

4) Working platform can tilt 85 degrees, easy for slabs loading.

5) Easy for loading, unloading and installation due to monoblock structure with size suitable for container.

6) Manual cuts available for simple machining.7) Nesting manual / automatic to optimize slab surface usage

8) Optional - Vacumm manipulator for workpieces handling.

9) Optional - Photo slab for nesting and avoiding defects.

10) Optional - Vein match for easily matching up perfectly each vein,color at the seam of your project.

Advantage of bridge cutter marble:

1. Space-saving in factory. 10 square meters saved.

2. Quick installation in stone factory. 1 day only.

3. Precise 45° mitre cut, for a 90° joint.

4. Optional:

A.Online afterservice

B. 90 tilting head.

C. Galvanized table

D.Linear guide of bridge

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