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Side Hole Automatic CNC Drilling Machine

Infrared laser side hole CNC drilling machine is an economical and practical plate furniture horizontal hole punching equipment. It is automatic production equipment that uses laser head induction to solve the side hole punching and slotting of fixed plate parts.
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CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine Description:

1、 Automatic side drilling machine used for horizontal perforated plate custom furniture. It could completely replace the traditional drilling machine, to get rid of the traditional punching mode and dependence on skilled workers. scan code processing directly. Through the production with special design software.

2、High quality accessories: heavy structure welded and 5-sides milled, Taiwan Xinyue rack and pinion, Taiwan CSK rail, Taiwan planetary reducer.

3、Reasonable design: independent computer control, operation and maintenance more convenient.

4、Three working areas: processing three different size plates at the same time with high efficiency

Automatic oil lubrication system: prolong the service life of the machine.

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wood hole machine

Automatic Side Hole CNC Drilling Machine Advantage:

1.Cabinet side hole automatic boring drilling machine is a numerical control model developed for the side hole drilling of panel furniture.

2.A side hole machine can dock 2-3 sets of an opener, easy to get horizontal hole problem. At the same time, the machine can switch between long and shortboards, wooden boring holes, single holes, and blind holes to meet a variety of process requirements.

3.Applicable industries: plate furniture side hole, long material, short material three-in-one hole; playing wooden pinhole, blind hole; long slot, segment slot a variety of applications.

Automatic Laser Position Side Hole Drilling Machine Parameter:

XYworking area X:100mm,Y:2500mm(Maximum length)
Spindle HQD 3.5KW air cooled spindle
Inverter Fuling
Motor XinJE Servo
Control system PLC control
Table PVC table structure
Transmission Y axis helical rack,Zaxis   pneumatic cylinder +
    Panasonic laser position
Machine bed Heavy welded steel machine bed

CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine Details:

wood drilling machine price

"L" design

The bed is heavier, and the front end is unique "L"-shaped design, aiming at the processing of long plates and short sides.

machine for drilling holes in wood

Vacuum adsorption table

Safe and stable, Long-lasting.

drill machine wood cutter

Full cylinder operation

The compaction of the whole machine is full cylinder operation,which is easy to operate. Interval positioning piles are suitable for plates of various sizes.

drill machine for wood work

BANNER laser probe

Using high-quality laser probes to achieve 100% leak-free drilling.

wood carving drill machine

HQD  air cooled spindle

Can be punched or slotted

plywood drilling machine

PLC control

Easy to use and easy to operate

Product  Details

CNC Wood Side Hole Drilling Machine Application :

Horizontal drilling hole CNC router is mainly used for wood panel hole drilling , This machine combines all the elements needed for a furniture manufacturer to design and machine custom cabinets,wardrobe, custom furniture and support products. It is specialized in making nested based production of cabinets, closet and customized furniture.

Applicable materials

Panel furniture, overall cabinets, wardrobes, whole house customization, office furniture, bank customized office furniture, hospital customized office furniture and other board materials that need to be punched.

cnc wood drilling machine

side hole drilling machine

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