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Dual Spindle Hole CNC Drilling Machine for Furniture

Infrared laser side hole CNC drilling machine is an economical and practical plate furniture horizontal hole punching equipment. It is automatic production equipment that uses laser head induction to solve the side hole punching and slotting of fixed plate parts.
  • iGC-6D



CNC Wood Hole Drilling Machine Description:

High quality CNC Wood Hole Drilling Machine forused for the problem of slotting, vertical hole punching and side hole punching in the material processing process.

Double Head Side CNC Drilling Machine Advantages

Furniture side punching machine

  • This machine is a fully automatic side punching device developed for the side hole of the panel furniture triple piece. Plc integrated control, stable and efficient. It can also be adjusted to side groove processing equipment. Achieve a multi-functional machine.

  • The machine is equipped with American Bonner laser probe to achieve 100% leak-free punching. 3.2KW air-cooled spindle, the feed is fast and vibration-free. The power motor uses the corresponding servo motor, and the precision is controlled within 0.05mm. The transmission components are all supplied in Taiwan with high precision and good stability.

  • The bed is accentuated, and the front end has a unique “L” design, which is suitable for short-side processing of long plates. The whole machine is compacted for full cylinder operation and easy to operate. Spaced positioning piles are available for all sizes.

CNC Wood Drilling Machine Parameter Configuration:

Description Parameters
Spindle HQD2.2KW air-cooled *1, HQD2.2KW air-cooled spindle *1
Drive Servo 750W motor drive
Control system PLC control system
Laser BANNER laser
Rack XY axis Taiwan high precision crescent helical rack
Guide rail Taiwan Hiwin square rail or Taiwan PDF square rail
Screw Taiwan TBI high-precision wear-resistant screw
File format G code
Table Vacuum adsorption table
Frequency converter Fuling
Working voltage 380V/50HZ


Safe and stable, Long-lasting.

Laser Drilling Machine

"L" design

The bed is heavier, and the front end is unique "L"-shaped design, aiming at the processing of long plates and short sides.

Furniture drilling machine

BANNER laser probe

Using high-quality laser probes to achieve 100% leak-free drilling.

Infrared positioning drilling machine

Full cylinder operation

The compaction of the whole machine is full cylinder operation, which is easy to operate. Interval positioning piles are suitable for plates of various sizes.

Laser measuring and punching machine

Dual-spindle design

Drilling and Grooving, there are multiple modes to choose from, improving processing efficiency.

Furniture side punching machine system

Infrared Laser Plate Type CNC Side Hole Machine Features:

It can complete three-in-one side hole/wood pin hole/blind hole/fixed groove/through groove and side hole drilling of four kinds of hidden parts.

Adopting American Bonner laser probe, it has the features of high drilling accuracy;

Equipped with dual-system dedicated code scanning gun, which has the advantages of fast speed and high efficiency.

With the features of simple operation and convenient use, the operator can use the machine without no special training.

Scope of Application



Invisible Parts

Plate furniture, the whole cabinet, wardrobe, the whole house custom, office furniture, custom office furniture, hospital custom office furniture and other need to punch the various plate materials.

Application Of Side Hole Wood Drilling Machine:

Panel furniture industry, wood furniture, solid wood doors, decorative materials, cabinets doors, computer tables, office furniture, wooden sound box, kitchenware, wooden door making, cabinet making, solid wood furniture cutting and carving.

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1.What's the difference between laser side drilling machine and manual drilling machine?

The laser side hole machine is accurate and efficient. Various hole positions can be set. The manual is slow and the accuracy is poor. Compared with the diversification of laser measurement and control machines, the manual side hole machine is more singular.

2.Is it OK to drilling with three rows of drills?

The customer needs an experienced master. It is used with the previous table saws. The numerical control equipment is usually equipped with side hole machines as standard. From the cost of labor and processing speed, it is not recommended to use three row is drilled, which means it doesn’t match.

3.What is the difference between the two heads of a single-head side hole machine?

The double-headed one can support the processing of invisible parts. Of course, the software also needs to be equipped with genuine ones. In the future, the connection of invisible parts is also a trend. For the time being, it has not been completely applied in the market, which can meet the needs of personalized and perfect customers.

4.Our side hole machine is more expensive?

The configuration of our side hole machine is the same as that of the feeder. Although it is only to punch side holes and pull side grooves, it is necessary to be accurate and efficient. The brand of the probe, the bed structure and the accessories used are all very large.

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