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wooodworking cnc router use Matters needing attention

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1.after the setting of the engraving position, the coordinates of the X, Y and Z axes must be all classified as "0".

2.adjust the speed of carving and spindle motor speed, in order to prevent the cutting speed is too fast, the speed is too slow and cut the knife.

3.When the knife is automatically opposed, the knife block must be insulated from the aluminum table of the engraving machine.

4.when carving, if the first knife is not grasped or afraid of making mistakes, it can slow down the feed speed and feel that when the carving is normal, it will return the speed to normal. It can also simulate carving in the empty space to see if it is normal.

5.If woodworking cnc router is not used for a long time, it is necessary to make regular weekly refueling, preferably every week, to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

6.woodworking cnc router running for 10 hours / day; ensure the normal operation of cooling water cleaning and water, not the water-cooled motor there was a shortage of water, regular replacement of the cooling water, to prevent the water temperature is too high, the circulating water can change as much as possible, a large amount of water.

7.every time we use woodworking cnc router, we must pay attention to cleaning. We must clean up the dust on the platform and transmission system, and regularly lubricate the transmission system's X, Y and Z three axes.

8.operators should wear respirators and goggles when operating woodworking cnc router, so as to avoid dust and other intrusions during processing and cause discomfort.

9.the daily maintenance method of woodworking cnc router should be added to a certain dustproof and dusting device in the woodworking cnc router, and choose the supporting equipment for the use of the dust removal equipment.

The ultimate aim of the woodworking cnc router is to locate the tool path accurately on the board.

The origin is a reference point for the tool movement of a woodworking cnc router. If the origin of tool path is defined as X, Y's bottom left corner and Z direction are defined as 0 points, then other points on tool path take this point as the reference point to determine the relative position. Carpenter engraving tools are used to process these points with respect to the parameters of the origin.

In the process of carving, first we should define the three directions of X, Y and Z, and the relationship between the starting point and the original point is one by one. The position of the knife point is the origin of the tool path processing file. The position of the knife point is defined, then the origin of the tool path is determined. In processing, the cutter is carved with the point of reference as the reference point.

So setting the output point is very important. Setting up the wrong plate will be wasted. After buying the machine, we must learn hard with technology. After that, there will be no big problem if we use the habit.

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