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1000W 1500W 2000W Laser Cleaning Machine For Metal

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Laser cleaning machine for metal are finding great applications in the industry today. It is often seen that rust, grease, and other such substrates form a layer with time over metals and non-metallic products.  And with increasing time the laser rust cleaning and metallic parts cleaning technologies have evolved.

Laser Cleaning Machine For Metal

Laser cleaning machine for metal  have obvious advantages in cleaning dirt on molds. Because the laser cleaning mold adopts a non-contact cleaning method, no other chemical substances are used in the cle aning process, only the laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the workpiece, and the metal mold can be cleaned by scanning back and forth. Laser cleaning technology can quickly and safely remov e difficult-to-treat contaminants without chemical waste.

Product Features of Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

1) Non-contact cleaning,without damage substrate.

2) High precision cleaning,selective washing.

3) Without any chemical cleaning fluid and no consume materials,safe and environment protecting.

4) Good cleaning effect and time-saving.

5) Laser cleaning system is stability,almost no maintenance.

Laser Cleaning Machine Parameters

Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Fiber Length 8-10m(15m Optioned)
Scanning Width 10-80mm
Voltage 220V,50/60HZ
Cooling Method Water-cooling
Working Temperature 5-45℃

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