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Analysis of common malfunction of woodworking engraving machine

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The furniture used by people is usually made of plate. Although the plate is smooth, it is not beautiful enough, so the manufacturer engraving stereoscopic pattern on the board to enhance the beauty of the plate. Now people use machines to carve board is very common, the program to the control card, the machine can complete the work according to the program alone, very convenient.

Woodworking carving machine is commonly used for carving board, is the machine may have problems, carving machine common problems are the following:

1. the main shaft and the table are not vertical; the problem that the spindle is not perpendicular to the table is that the pattern is carved and different, so it should be corrected when the main shaft and the table are not vertical. The reason for this is the problem of the cutter or the problem of the control card. It can be adjusted after finding out the cause.

2. the spindle drive of the woodworking engraving machine is abnormal. When this happens, consider whether there is a problem with the Z axis drive or the Z axis screw. The solution is to determine whether the spindle is rotated and check the settings of the inverter. If the spindle stops or the frequency converter is set up, there will be abnormal sounds.

3. woodworking engraving machine move or return to the mechanical origin of the opposite direction. The reason for this phenomenon is probably that the spindle itself is damaged or the bearing is in trouble. The solution is to modify the direction of the inverter's wiring or adjust the direction of the motor.

4. the woodworking carving machine can't go back to the original point normally. When this happens, the control card failure, limit switch failure, driver failure and motor failure should be considered, and then a row of checks.

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