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Four Head Woodworking CNC Router

3d woodworking carving machine cnc router with 4 head suitable for solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-scale plate engraving, real wood carving flower router milling, plate furniture carving, antique mahogany furniture carving, solid wood art mural sculpture and other industries, watch box, craft photo frame, calligraphy plaque, electrical counter face, sporting goods equipment, thin aluminum engraving and milling carving.

Four Heads CNC Router Description:

This four heads cnc router is a multi heads cnc router equipped with 4 independent heads, each head is driven by one set X and one set Z motor and driver separately. It is great for heavy cutting, such as slatwall cutting, wood cutting.

Four Head Woodworking CNC Router

Four Head Woodworking CNC Router

Multi-Head CNC Router Advantages:

1. Solid gantry,well structure of lathe bed,stable and high speed,high accuracy.

2. High-speed aire cooling spindle and high performance subdivision driver ensure to work stably for long time.

3. Configured with practical and easily-learned software,can conveniently check the moving path of tool,and adjust the processing depth of Z axis and the speed of motor.

4.Thicken vacuum adsorbed T-slot table with great absorption strength,highly efficient for mass production, cutting speed over 20m/min. Low vibration and smooth motion ensure higher work piece quality.

Four Heads CNC Wood Router Cutting Machines Parameter Configuration:

Description Parameters
Working area 1300*2500*300mm
Spindle 3.5kw*4
Inverter Fuling
Motor Stepper/Servo
Control system NcStudio/DSP
Table T-slot table
Guide rail XYZ Axis Taiwan liner square guide rail
Ballscrew Z Axis Taiwan TBL ball screw
Voltage 3phase 380V/50HZ
Machine dimension 3000*1900*1700mm
Vacuum pump water cooling


Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine Application:

3D woodworking carving machine cnc router with 4 head

Wooden door and furniture decoration industry:

Solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-area plate plane engraving, solid wood engraving and boring, panel furniture engraving, antique mahogany furniture engraving, solid wood art mural carving and other industriesy furntiure carving, solid wood art fresco carving and other industries.

Wooden crafts processing:

Watch frame, craft photo frame, calligraphy plaque, electrical counter top, sporting goods equipment, thin aluminum plate boring and milling surface, sports equipment, thin aluminum plate carving.

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Shandong iGolden CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a R&D,manufacturing,sales integration company that specializing in cnc router, laser engraving and cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, cutting plotter,etc.The main configuration all adopt top parts which imported from Italy, Japan,Germany, etc. And welcome to visit us for more choices. 



1.What size can I choose for this ATC wood router machine?

This machine our standard working size 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, we also can custom made for you such as 2100*3000mm and other size.

2. Can the 3 axis CNC machine add automatic loading/ unloading table?

Yes, it can, with loading/ unloading table, it will improve work efficiency, savings artificial and cost.

3.Do I have to purchase spare parts for my cnc router from you?

No. The majority of the components used on a iGolden CNC Router may be purchased from multiple sources. Although we does try to stock most of the components you may need for your machine and will be happy to supply them to you, there are other companies that can supply you with the same components.

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