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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine cutting several major elements

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It is well known that CNC plasma cutting machine cutting speed is very fast, is a numerical control flame cutting machine is far from comparable, and CNC plasma cutting machine Cutting range is very wide, unlike CNC flame cutting machine as limited to the iron plate, but the real market on the circulation of CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality and slightly less than the NC flame cutting Machine, This is why.

CNC Plasma Cutting machine working principle and CNC cutting machine is the same, numerical control and other plasma cutting machine is the most important is the PDP power, NC plasma cutting machine cutting quality of the good or bad by it to decide.

A lot of CNC plasma cutting machine customers know that CNC plasma cutting out of the workpiece with a certain groove, especially the thicker steel plate cutting out the workpiece groove is larger. Some customers will ask, then I use a little bit of plasma power can solve the problem of groove? The answer is no, a little bit better plasma power is only said to cut the workpiece groove will be smaller, it can not be completely without. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting the workpiece has groove, is a modern cutting industry in a difficult problem, so far has not been completely solved. Since the groove problem can not be completely eliminated, then we use CNC cutting machine cutting, is not as far as possible to reduce the plasma power to bring the groove.

Flame cutting is known as a way of cutting, in the absence of CNC cutting machine, flame cutting has been used for many years, many experienced flame cutting workers know that the flame cutting the workpiece, cutting surface is flat, smooth, no groove. 

Now the NC Flame cutting machine can cut a beautiful workpiece, nothing more than a few elements of flame cutting, air pressure, flame size, cutting speed. So the flame cutting is so, plasma cutting it.

CNC Plasma Cutting Confidential use, first of all, must have to have plasmas power, plasma power to use to compressed air, so need an air compressor. Thus affecting the numerical control plasma cutting machine several elements that is, air pressure, current size, cutting speed. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine cutting, the gas pressure is too large and easy to make the power arc, the pressure is too small will make the steel plate, the workpiece hanging slag serious, too big groove. The adjustment of the current is generally based on the thickness of the cutting plate to adjust, the current too large cutting, slit will be very large, the workpiece hanging slag serious, there is a groove. Too small electric current will make the workpiece can not be cut through, the workpiece has a slope mouth serious. The speed of cutting also determines the CNC plasma cutting machine Cutting quality, speed is too fast may cause steel plate cutting phenomenon. Cutting speed is too slow, will cause cutting seam too large, workpiece hanging slag serious, the workpiece has groove and so on.

So that CNC plasma cutting machine in the working principle and CNC Flame cutting machine is the same, as long as the master of several major elements of cutting, can also cut good workpiece.

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