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How to clean the dust of woodworking CNC router when working

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With the development of furniture industry, the application of woodworking CNC Router is also more and more extensive, the past manual work has slowly turned to fully automated production and processing.

But in woodworking CNC router processing engineering has an important problem has been bothering everyone, that is in woodworking CNC router processing will produce a lot of dust, although the vast majority of woodworking CNC routers are equipped with dust cleaning device, but it does not fundamentally solve the problem. Many customers in the use of woodworking CNC router, if there is no dust-proof device, will cause serious harm to people's bodies. To fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, the use of high-end woodworking CNC router, equipped with dust-proof, dust removal equipment. The selection of dedusting equipment should consider the level of purification required by the operation site and the nature of the dust.

For large wood dust and medium-sized wood dust can be collected in a timely manner, and for the most damaging of all kinds of fine wood dust, the traditional effective method is to use pneumatic dust collection device or bag dust collection equipment. It is noteworthy that there is no large dust-absorbing CNC engraving machine equipment manufacturers, the machine itself can be attached to a stand-alone vacuum and dust collection devices, can also play a better effect. For the sake of safety, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect the eyes and respiratory organs, especially in the production of fine wood dust of the workers operating on the machine, should wear large masks to prevent dust damage. Woodworking Engraving machine Customers please pay attention to protect the respiratory tract, do not let the dust to the nasal cavity! Long time to the body will have a great harm!

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