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How to judge the quality of plasma cutting machine

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Plasma cutting machine can cut a variety of shapes and complex workpiece, and has a fast cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting surface quality, precision cutting, workpiece heat deformation small and so on. The cutting parts can be directly welded and applied without machining. However, CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut the arc, it and oxygen cutting compared. There are still some defects, mainly reflected in the cutting surface of the larger gradient, smooth finish without oxygen cutting good. The main criteria for evaluating the quality of CNC plasma cutting are: the inclination of the cutting surface, the cutting depth of the cut seam and the amount of slag hanging. A high quality cutting surface should be below 30, and the cutting depth should be in O. Below 15mm, and less slag, easy to clean up.

Under the condition of stable voltage and current, the factors that affect the quality of cutting besides the quality of electrode and nozzle, there are two main reasons: first, the height and stability of the cutting nozzle, the second is the matching of cutting speed and working pressure. The height of the cutting nozzle away from the steel plate is controlled by the arc pressure regulator, because its dynamic positioning accuracy can reach ±. 013 Shan, so you can ensure that the cutting mouth and the height of the plate remain unchanged, so the cutting surface gradient small and uniform, and good finish. When you use manual to adjust the height of the cutting nozzle away from the steel plate. The steel plate should be cut as far as possible to reduce the number of cutting torch adjustment. Ensure the stability of cutting torch cut process.

In this paper, the relationship between cutting speed (filth), working pressure (P) and cutting quality is expounded by means of manual adjustment, which is controlled by the height of the cutting nozzle from the 6~8mm and through a series of cutting tests. The optimum cutting parameters of different thickness steel plates with different power cutting are obtained by analyzing and summarizing.

It provides reference for improving the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine. CNC Plasma cutting machine is a kind of metal sheet cutting of the electromechanical integration of advanced equipment, has been in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries have been widely used. There are many factors affecting the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine, in addition to the design parameters of cutting machine, but also with Operation control, cutting process and so on. In order to improve the quality of cutting, we carried out a comprehensive cutting test, according to the test data analysis and finishing, obtained the NC plasma cutting machine Part of the best working parameters.

It is described as follows: The test equipment is four kinds of power different air plasma cutting machine each one, each type of electrode, nozzle 6 sets. The cutting torch of four air plasma cutting machines is installed in the cutting trolley of NC cutter according to the sequence. Each type of air plasma cutting machine to complete all the testing of the whole process, that is, with different cutting speed, using different pressure, the different thickness of the ' A3 steel plate for cutting (with tap water cooling). 

Cutting from low pressure to high pressure, from low-speed to high-speed progressive. The air pressure is regulated by the filtration control valve, and the cutting speed is controlled by the CNC cutting machine.

The square part of the cutting part is 100x100 mm. When the cutting speed is too high and the pressure is too low, the inclination of the cutting surface is large. This is because the speed is too fast, the arc pillar seriously backward, cut the lower half of the melting speed can't keep up. So the cutting part of the plane size small. The lower plane is large in size, especially when the rectangular part is cut. At the bottom of the corner cut the slit into an arc rather than a rectangular shape. If the cutting speed is too low, the pressure is too high to hang slag serious, not easy to clear, poor finish. If the cutting speed is suitable, the working pressure is too high, the stiffness and smoothness of the arc column are damaged and the cutting ability is decreased. Cutting finish is poor.

Therefore, the cutting of different thickness of the steel plate, the need to reasonably choose different cutting power, cutting speed and working pressure, in order to get the best cutting effect. According to the test results of four kinds of different power models, the optimum cutting parameters of different thickness plates are obtained.

According to these data we are in some manufacturers of practical application cutting, the effect is very good, cutting quality greatly improved. We know that the impact of CNC plasma cutting machine Cutting quality of many factors, in addition to the above mentioned several parameters, there are cutting technology, cutting methods, electrode nozzles, such as the good or bad factors. But in the actual cutting process. As long as the best cutting parameters provided by the cutting, control the cutting speed, working pressure and cutting torch of the high and low, you can meet the requirements of cutting quality. In the case of cutting voltage and cutting current, the service life of electrodes and nozzles can be increased by one times.

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