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The daily maintenance of plasma cutting machine

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1.Correct and careful installation of cutting torch to ensure that all parts fit well, to ensure the flow of gas and cooling gas.

Install all the parts on a clean flannel to prevent the dirt from sticking to the parts.

2. Plasma cutting machine consumption parts do not completely damaged and then replaced, because of the serious wear of electrodes, nozzles and eddy current ring will produce an uncontrolled arc, very easy to cause serious damage cutting torch. 

So when you start to find that the quality of cutting falls, you should check the consumption parts in time.


3. Plasma cutting machine in the replacement of consumption parts or routine maintenance inspection, must ensure that the cutting torch inside and outside the thread clean, if necessary, should be cleaned or repaired connection thread.


4. In many cutting torch, nozzle and electrode contact surface is charged contact surface, if these contact surface has dirty, cut torch is not working properly.


5. Daily check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling airflow, if the flow of insufficient or leakage, should be immediately shut down plasma cutting machine and troubleshooting.

6. In order to avoid cutting torch collision damage, should be correctly programmed to avoid the system overrun walking, installation anti-collision device can effectively avoid collisions when the damage of the torch.

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