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What are the classifications of CNC machines?

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We mainly classify according to the different uses of CNC machines and the different processing materials.

1) CNC wood router: mainly used to process wood, wood, MDF, composite board and other materials, it is one of the most commonly processed materials on CNC machine tools. For example, the tables, chairs, benches, stair railings, roof decorations and various wooden crafts in our daily life can all be processed with it. CNC wood router can not only be used for engraving, but also for cutting. With different auxiliary tools, we can cut large boards into small boards, etc., which have diverse functions and can meet your various processing needs.

2) Laser cutting machine: This kind of machine is more expensive, has higher processing accuracy, and is more powerful. It can process almost all metal and non-metal materials, such as our common aluminum plates, copper, diamonds, acrylic, plastics, etc. It can realize detailed processing, and the processed patterns and patterns are more exquisite. Mainly used in the processing of decorations, construction industry, clocks and watches, ships and aerospace industries.

3) CNC plasma engraving machine: This type of machine is mainly used for processing steel plates and cutting metal pipes. Our common park gates, exterior wall decoration of office buildings, and roof chandeliers can all be processed with it. It has high processing power, can process thicker materials, is very suitable for batch processing, and improves production efficiency.

4) EPS foam machine: Mainly used for processing foam materials, most suitable for the mold industry, such as car models, ship models, toy models, etc. It is large in size, the size of the processed material is also relatively large, and the processing speed is fast.

5) mini cnc machine: This kind of machine is economical and affordable, and has a small footprint, but it can meet basic processing needs. It can also process wood, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and other materials. It is especially suitable for newcomers to CNC router machine Industry buyers. If you are using it yourself at home, or an amateur craftsman, then this machine will be very suitable for you.

Our introduction is not over yet, if you are interested in our articles, welcome to follow us, we will bring you more machine knowledge. If you are willing to buy a CNC machine, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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The main parts of CNC machine tools

The parts of a CNC machine tool generally consist of a host, a CNC system device, a drive system device and other accessories. Let me introduce the main parts of CNC machine tools.

1) Host. The host is the most important part of the CNC machine tool, and it is the decisive factor affecting the processing effect. It includes the chassis, spindle, feed device and other mechanical parts, of which the spindle is the most important. The quality of the spindle determines the success or failure of material cutting and engraving, and the tool equipped with the spindle is also an important factor in determining whether the engraved pattern is beautiful. Therefore, the spindle and tool must be selected.

2) Control system. The control system of the CNC machine tool is the core of the whole machine. All operations and machining processes need the control system to cooperate. It include two parts: hardware and software. The hardware is mainly printed circuit boards, CRT displays, etc.; the software mainly includes mach3, DSP and other control systems. Its main function is to complete the conversion of input information and data according to the input digital program, as well as the storage function.

3) Drive system

The drive system includes a spindle drive unit, a feed drive unit, a spindle motor and a feed motor. Under the control of the numerical control system, the driving device drives the main shaft and the feed motor to work through a stepping motor or a servo motor system.

4) Other spare parts

These accessories are mainly other large or small supporting parts of the index-controlled machine tool. Although they are scattered in various places of the machine and seem insignificant on the surface, the whole machine is not possible without them. They are used to ensure the normal and stable machine. Operation, such as cooling device, dust removal device, lubrication system, etc. Auxiliary equipment can be selected according to your needs, including hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment and chip removal equipment, as well as monitoring and testing equipment.

5) Other auxiliary equipment. Mainly refers to can be used to edit and store programs outside the machine.

All the above parts compose and build a CNC machine. Through the coordinated operation of these devices with different functions, the machine can complete the processes of positioning, cutting, engraving, milling, etc., none of which are indispensable.

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