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Woodworking Engraving Machine Detailed introduction

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Woodworking Engraving Machine Scope of application:

1.Wooden doors and furniture decoration industry:

solid wood and compostie doors, cupboard doors, large area plate engraving, milling, carved wood furniture carving, antique carved mahogany furniture, solid wood art wall painting sculpture and other industries.

2.Wooden crafts processing:

watch box, photo frame craft, calligraphy plaque, electical cabinets countertops, sports equipment, sheet aluminium milling engraving.

Woodworking engraving Machine Performance characteristics:

1.High-speed machining:

the curve and straight speed is the same, the idle speed can reach 30m/minute, the cutting speed can reach 10m/minute.

2.The weight loading and redundancy are high, the working life is long:there axes adopt the imported line square guide rail with the high precision, Axis Y adopts the double engine driving, the rigidity of machine is strong, the potency dimension is powerful, the turn is balanced.

3.Compatibility of software:

it may be compatible with all kinds of software, such as JINGDIAO,Yype3,Artcam,CAD,and CAM design software ect.

4.The convenience of control:

it can choose the advanced DSP control system of USB connection, the machine is completely offline working, not occupying any 

computer resources, and it can achieve the DSP on-off automatism, achieve high-speed machining, the curve more perfect.

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