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Best Cnc Stone Router Factories Engraving Machine

china cnc stone router is equipped with CNC kit of water cooling spindle, which has the advantages of better cooling, high speed & accuracy. It is a popular stone machine for stone/marble engraving & carving.
Best CNC Stone Router Factories Overview

CNC stone engraving machine is also called CNC marble engraving machine, cnc granite engraving machine. It is mainly for stone/granite/marble engraving and carving, now it is for sale at the best price  

CNC Stone Engraving Machine Description

China cnc stone router is equipped with CNC kit of water cooling spindle, which has the advantages of better cooling, high speed & accuracy. It is a popular stone machine for stone/marble engraving & carving.

best cnc stone router factories best cnc stone router factories

Features of best cnc stone router Machine for Quartz, Granite, Marble:

1. best cnc stone router is researched and developed by our company independently.

2. cnc stone router machine can do many process such as polishing for back splash ,former anomalous edge, cutting and polishing water tap hole through the automatic tools changing.

3. It’s high efficiency and low cost. For example, it just takes 30 minutes to auto-processing 2.44*0.75m quartz stone board.

4. cnc stone router machine can also be used for processing washing pool and European background wall.To process high-quality products,this model is a necessary equipment for the well-known brand who process counter-top.

5. The software: for UncGraphics. NX3.0, Mastercam9.0 other software, set the CAD / CAM as a whole, through digital analysis, design, the product was processed to support procedural pre / igs / scep / dxf / dwp and other documents.

6. The ATC system: vertical-type ATC system makes the whole process from the hole, cutting, shaping and polishing to a variety of milling processes go, the full realization of a high degree of automation.

7. The tool and abrasive: with a large number of imported and domestic variety of tool and abrasive and shapes, and a variety of processing requirements.

8. High-precision screw and guide: the use of screw, guide renowned German manufacturer has provided.

9. X, Y axis using the original oil-immersed lubrication. Coupled with effective waterproof, dustproof structure to ensure high precision machining and screw maximize service life of the rail.



Home decoration industry:

Cutting & engraving of countertops and stone components for doorsteps, staircases & thresholds, flooring, fireplace, TV background wall, fence, etc.

Construction & building industry:

Building curtain wall, concrete panels, architectural components, street furniture, ventilated facades, staircases, bridge armrest, European-style window, etc.

Funeral industry:

tombstone, Monument, fences, stone sculpture and other kinds of stone components for funeral purposes.

Artworks & advertising industry:

inlays and mosaics, garden antique sculpture, carving and sculpturing, etc.

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