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Best Laser Cleaning Machines For Metal

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IGOLDENCNC Laser Cleaning Systems are the best industrial laser cleaning and surface conditioning systems on the market today. IGOLDENCNCis committed to designing the most eco-friendly and safe laser products in the fiber laser industry.  IGOLDENCNC cleaning systems are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to handle any application.

best laser cleaning machines

According to the analysis of a large number of experimental results, it is believed that the best laser cleaning machines  varies according to the difference between the surface attachments and the thermophysical parameters of the substrate. When the thermophysical parameters of the surface attachment and the base material are quite different, the laser cleaning mechanism includes: ablation vaporization, thermal vibration and thermal shock mechanism and sonic vibration mechanism, such as laser cleaning paint layer and rubber layer. When the thermophysical parameters of the surface attachment and the base material are not very different, the ablation and vaporization mechanism is mainly at work, such as laser rust removal.

How Do best laser cleaning machines work?

The working principle of the laser is very simple. The device radiates a flux of light that acts on the metal. If the surface of the product is clean, then it simply reflects it. On the contrary, rusty areas absorb these rays.

Due to the accumulation of excess energy, the oxide begins to flake off and move away from the substrate. Under the influence of the powerful laser radiation, the corrosion melts and evaporates.

The melting point of the oxide is 1600 degrees. Steel changes its structure at a much higher rate. Therefore, the laser has no damaging effect on the metal.

High cleaning efficiency is achieved not only due to the high temperature of the metal surface, but also due to the impact load. With the help of the laser, it is possible to clean not only smooth products but also corrugated products.

best laser cleaning machines

laser cleaning machines applications

Laser’s are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of cleaning solutions including but not limited to, rust removal, paint removal, degreasing, mould cleaning, weld cleaning and marking.

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