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CNC Acrylic Cutter need To Pay Attention To Matters

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Product Description

This CNC Acrylic Cutter is our latest high-precision laser cutting equipment. With advanced real-time embedded DSP control system, run faster, and speed automatically matches the laser intensity, the effect of cutting corners to achieve the perfect consiste

CNC Acrylic Cutterneed

Cutting Acrylic on a CNC Machine

Now that you've chosen your material, bit, and design, it’s time to get started with the cutting process.

Step #1 - Set the feed-rate according to the size of your bit. The recommended feed-rate for cutting acrylic is generally between 75-300 IPM. Larger bits work well with higher feed-rates, and smaller bits require a lower feed-rate.

Step #2 - Set the RPM. We recommend that you use at least 18,000 RPM to optimize the spindle’s ability to cut through acrylic without melting it.

Step #3 - Set the cutting depth. In general, we recommend that the cutting depth be about 1/2 of the diameter of the bit. This will prevent the bit from breaking.

Step #4 - Make sure that you choose to begin cutting with a ramp. You can choose this option inside the V-Carve Pro software. Going into the acrylic with ramping instead of plunging in will prevent distortion.

Step #5 - Secure the acrylic material to the CNC router table.

Step #6 - Run theCNC router to cut out the acrylic design you want.

Choosing the Right Bit

1、One of the most important decisions you will make when cutting acrylic on a CNC router is choosing the correct bit. This step is entirely dependent on what you are hoping to achieve.

2、A 1/4-inch solid carbide O-flute is a great choice for cutting because it has an up-score that will pull out the chips as the cutting occurs. It prevents plastic chips from building up inside the curve of the cut.

3、If you want to engrave acrylic, a 60° engraving bit is perfect for V-carving. It has a flat-edge tip that leaves you with a better edge quality than other bits.

Main Features

1.Imported high-precision linear guide rail transmission makes the optical laser path and movement more stable, and better cutting effects.

2.Advanced DSP control system, high speed, easy operation, high cutting speed.

3.Motorized up-down table optional to allow customers to process thick materials. Red dot and auto focusing optional for easy operation and better working efficiency.

4.We can make double or more laser heads to improve work efficiency.

Applicable Materials

Wood products, paper, plastic, rubber, acrylic, bamboo, marble, double-color sheets, glass, wine bottles and other non-metal materials

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