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Door Cabinet Making Machine Panel CNC Machining

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These door cabinet making machine have many easy-to-use features that can help in enhancing the production levels and quality in a major way. With the right furniture making machines, you can also increase your profits.

door cabinet making machine

door cabinet making machine with suitable for 2d 3d processing,  widely used for making cabinets, tables, chairs, small pattern, antique furniture, etc.This cabinet door making machine can replace several woodworking machines:  It will allow threading, horizontal milling, grinding and drilling.

Cabinet Door making equipment features:

Integral welding body, high rigidity structural design, material stress analysis & tempering, avoid deformation

Transmission parts adopt high precision helical rack, THK linear square guide rail from Japan, supplement with Japanese Panasonic servo system and Taiwan professional deceleration device, ensure the machine run smoothly, high speed, high precision, low noise

Equipped with professional vacuum system, adopt adsorption base, specialized material matrix surface with high strength, forming at one time, adopt professional “Becker” vacuum pump from Germany, strong adsorption capacity

Imported high power spindle motor from Italy, low sway in axial, strong cutting force, long lifetime, low noise. Equipped with imported Bamboo Hat ATC library of 8pcs tools, high efficiency

Professional brands of electrical parts and industrial control system, perfect function, stable performance, strong software compatibility

Thousands of classification precision hidden non-interference automatic tool feeding, one operation can finish whole database work, automatic lifting dust head, automatic oil lubrication system, more convenient to use, more simple to maintain

door cabinet making machine

Door cabinet making machine  Advantages

Three axis all use screw rod transmission. full-screw transmission machine has good synchronization performance and no rotation gap, which is more suitable for the kitchen cabinet processing with high precision requirements. The angle is well raised, and there is no knife mark. The screw machine has high stability and is not easy to break the knife. The Φ6 tool bit can also cut smoothly, it is easy to break if use gear rack machine.

The table has a double-layer structure and a gas storage cavity, which greatly increases the empty adsorption capacity.

Own designed dust collector, the dust removal effect can make the dust in the slit of the knife little, and there is almost no dust on the table during processing, let the workshop clean and tidy.

PMI guide rails are matched with three PMI/silver sliders on each guide rail to increase machine stability.

9kw air cooling HSD spindle from Italy. High tool change speed with 20 tools storage.

Door cabinet making machine  Application

It is widely used for plate-type furniture, wardrobe cabinets, office furniture, opening of customized furniture and so on.

Furniture industry, solid wood furniture, solid wood door, decorative materials, cabinet door, computer desk, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden acoustic box ,wooden kitchenware and processing all kinds of furniture etc.

Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand , plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wooden planjs and other non-metallic mold.

Relief sculpture and 3D engraving

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