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High Speed Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine Price

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Introduction of handheld fiber laser welding machine:

Igoldencnc handheld laser welding machines are popular laser welders. Nowadays, handheld fiber laser welding machines are widely used for sheet metal welding in all kinds of manufacturing factories.Price:$10000-15000

 Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Feature of handheld fiber laser welding machine:

handheld fiber laser welding machine is one kind of processing method of welding materials with high energy density laser beam as heating source. It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed and no consumables.

In recent years, due to the continuous development of materials, technology and fabrication process, laser welding has been widely used in the welding of plastics, metals, etc. Besides, the laser welding machine will replace traditional welding methods ( such as argon arc welding) in automobiles, sensors, electronics industry.


Hand-held laser welding machine install hand-held welding head, which is similar with argon arc welding machine. It is flexible and simple operation, suitable for small batches orders. The laser welding machine can be widely used in cabinet kitchen and bathroom, stair elevator, shelf, Oven, stainless steel door and window guardrails, distribution boxes, stainless steel home and other industries complex and irregular welding process.

Advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine:

1.The laser welding machine adopts 1000 watt fiber laser, which has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and long life of 100,000 hours. The energy provided by electric energy is 25%-30% converted into laser energy, and the photoelectric conversion rate is many times than that of YAG laser.

2.The energy density is high, the heat input is low, the amount of thermal deformation is small, and the melting zone and the heat-affected zone are narrow and deep.

3.Compared with contact welding, laser welding eliminates the need for electrodes, reducing daily maintenance costs and greatly increasing work efficiency.

4.The weld seam is thin, the penetration depth is large, the taper is small, the precision is high, the appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.

5.No consumables, small size, flexible processing, low operating and maintenance costs.

6.The laser is transmitted through fiber optics and can be used in conjunction with a pipeline or robot.

Machine Parameters

Laser Power 1000W/ 1500W/ 2000W
Laser Wavelength 1070NM
Fiber Length Standard 8-10M supports up to 15M
Way of Working  Continuous/ Modulation
Speed Range of Welding   Machine 0-120mm/s
Cooling Water Machine Industrial Constant Temperature Water Tank 
Working Environment Temperature Range 15~35°c
Recommended Welding Thickness 0.5~5mm
Welding gap requirments ≤0.5mm
Operating Voltage AV 220V

handheld fiber laser welding machine applicable Material:

It can meet the welding of various metals, alloys, steel, kovar alloy and other same materials, and also can meet the welding of copper nickel, nickel titanium, copper titanium, titanium molybdenum, brass copper, low carbon steel copper and other dissimilar metals.

handheld fiber laser welding machine applicable Industry:

It is used for precision welding of hardware, such as hardware appliances , kitchen and bathroom industry (welding of faucet and round pipe, welding of kitchen sheet metal parts, washing machine inner cylinder, etc),and precision hardware welding of electronic industry (mobile phone, flat plate, 

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