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IGOLDENCNC 4 axis cnc router machine for Wood Furnitures

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IGOLDENCNC 4 axis cnc router is specially for large 3d sculpture. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the cnc router can handle flat engraving and three-dimensional processing. With 8-10 pieces carousel auto tool changers, fast response, high working efficiency.

4 axis cnc router

4 axis cnc router

Features of 4 axis cnc router:

1.The cnc router machines’ body is strong, rigid, high precision, reliable and durable.

2.High precision ball screw and Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails, which move smoothly to ensure machining precision.

3 4 axis rotary system with servo motor and driver .

4. Break point specific memory, power outages continued carving, processing time forecast, and other functions to ensure that accidental processing.

4 axis cnc router machine applicable Industries:

1.Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-area plate plane cutting, solid wood carving boring and milling, panel furniture carving, antique mahogany carving, solid wood art mural carving and other industries.

2.Wood crafts processing: watch frames, craft photo frames, calligraphy plaques, TV countertops, sporting goods equipment, thin aluminum plate boring and milling.

3.Advertising industry: sign making, LED/neon trough, hole typeface cutting, blister light box mould making, etc.

4.Decoration industry: Acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, MDF, PCB, plastic, copper and aluminum.


It is applied to high precision, high efficiency contour cutting works. 

Suitable for efficient production of various woodworking products, advertising signs, acrylic cutting, suction molding and large-scale cutting works. Also can engrave iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood and other non-metal materials. 

The following are the principles of 4 axis cnc router machine

the numerical control device in the computer through input device in Numbers and character encoding way after a series of processing, the recorded information via the servo system and the programmable controller to the machine tool spindle and feed actuators issue instructions, machine body, in accordance with these instructions, and in conjunction with the test feedback device, the workpiece machining various actions, such as the cutting tool relative to the workpiece trajectory, feed speed and displacement requirement to realize automatic control, so as to complete the workpiece machining.

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