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Marble Bridge Saw -5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw

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Marble bridge saw High efficiency for cutting slab & tile, flexible, accurate and reliable. With the mono-block structure, installation is not necessary for this machine, and it brings much convenience to users.

How does 5 axis cnc bridge saw work?

Several components make up a bridge saw. The sawing part with the power of the motor, the size of the diamond disc and the axes of movement. The 5-axis bridge saws are the most powerful because they can cut the stone in any position around the vertical axis.

The frame consists of a bridge, hence the name bridge saw, and is moved at the ends by motors. The movement of the bridge is thus carried out on the X and Y axes. There are 2 different structures for bridge saws in the field of stone: a metallic structure of a single block called "monobloc" and a structure with concrete walls. The metal structure makes it easier to move the saw when moving or reorganizing the workshop. However, it is preferable to reinforce the rigidity of the machine with concrete walls in case of cutting large thicknesses.

Another important part of a marble bridge saw is the table. Wooden tables can be found on low and mid-range models. On top-of-the-range models such as Thibaut saws, you will find a resin and rubber table that is much more resistant and reliable, unlike wood, which is a "living" material and must be changed regularly to maintain optimum cutting performance. Some tables are therefore motorized and allow rotation or tilting to facilitate the handling of the stone slices to be cut.

Finally, there are manual or automatic bridge saws: these are numerically controlled sawing machines known as CNC. The CNC sawing centre allows different cuts to be made automatically, such as angle or profile cuts.

Marble bridge saw features:

1) 5 axis linkage control with Italian CNC Esa system.

2) Easy to use interface with 19" color touch-screen.

3) Combine fuctions of carving, milling, cutting, drilling, engraving into an organic whole for complex processing.

4)  Blade can rotate 0°-360° and tilt 90° for any any direction's and any angle's chamfering cutting.

5) Working platform can tilt 85 degrees, easy for slabs loading.

6) Manual cuts available for simple machining.

7) Vacumm manipulator for workpieces handling.

8) Photo slab for nesting and avoiding defects.

9) Nesting manual / automatic to optimize slab surface usage

10) RTCP tool point tracking function ensure precision machining easy.

11) Optional - Vein match for easily matching up perfectly each vein,color at the seam of your project.

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