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Stone Monument Tombstone Engraving Machine

Stone CNC router machine capable of carving on natural stone, marble, artificial stone, granite, sandstone, bluestone, terrazzo, glass, ceramic tile, wood, aluminium plate, copper plate and other materials, suitable for stone background wall, bridge engineering, garden engineering, tombstone engineering and other industries.

Stone Carving Machine Description:

The affordable stone carving machine designed by iGOLDENCNC uses a high-strength mechanical structure, which is very suitable for manufacturers in the stone processing industry.


CNC Stone Carving Machine Features:

  • Lathe bed welded with thick channel steels and square tubes;Processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief(VSR) to reduce residual stress,good stability,no deformation.

  • Granite cutting machine with high speed water cooling spindle and high performance subdivision driver ensure work for long time.

  • With water tank and double water cooling system,high efficient works.

  • Special 3axis dust-proof system,protect guides and higher efficiency.

  • With practical and easilylearned software,conveniently check the moving path of tool,and adjust the  processing depth of Z axis and the speed of motor.

Granite Monument Engraving Machines Technical Data:

X, Y Axis Working Area mm 1300*2500
Z Axis   Working Height mm 500
Positioning   Accuracy mm 0.05
Re-positioning   Accuracy mm 0.02
Body Structure
Welding Body
X, Y Axis   Structure
Linear Guide Rail, Gear Rack
Z Axis   Structure
Linear Guide Rail, Screw
Max. Running   Speed mm/min 20000
Max. Working   Speed mm/min 8000
Spindle kw 4.5kw Water-cooling Spindle(Optioned)
Spindle RPM rpm/min 24000
Working   Voltage V/Hz AC 380V±10%/50-60Hz
Machine   Weight kg 1400/1800

Tombstone Engraving Machine Configuration:

Spindle HQD Water-cooling   Spindle 
(Italy HSD Spindle Optioned) 
Machine Body Heavy-duty Split-type   Welding Body, Fixed with Screw
Worktable Complex Worktable (Aluminum Profile+PVC+S.S. Sink) Control System DSP/ NCSTUDIO(Taiwan SYNTEC System Optioned)
Ball Screw Taiwan TBI Guide Rails Taiwan HIWIN
Gear   Rack Taiwan T-WIN Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Electric Components France SCHNEIDER Frequency Converter Taiwan DELTA
Driver LEADSHINE Stepper Motor(Japan YASKAWA Servo Motor optioned) Lubrication System Automatic Lubrication Device (Optioned)
Optioned Rotary Device, Automatic Tool Sensor, Swing Head,   Covered Door


Stone engraving machine

CNC Stone Carving And Engraving Configuration:

stone carving machine spindle

HQD 4.5kw water cooling spindle

stone carving equipment rack guide

HIWIN guide rails | TBI ball screw

marble carving machine driver

LEADSHINE Step Drive and Stepper Motor | Japan SHIMPO reducer

CNC Stone Carving Machine Application:

Stone engraving machine processing samples

Suitable for cabinets artificial stone, quartz stone countertops and sink, tea tray caving, European style edging, and other heterosexual stone, ceramics, glass and ceramic stone drilling sanding, edge down, carving. 3D and 3D application including kitchen tops, shower plates, tombstones, bas-reliefs, grooving and lettering.

Stoneworks: 3D/2D engraving, Embossment, Line engraving Cutting, Edge inversing, Drilling on Natural stones, Granites, Artifical stones, Tombstones, Milestones, Ceramic, etc.


Die industry: copper sculpture,aluminum engrave,metal molds,plastic sheeting,PVC ,etc.

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