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How To Change The Cutting Blade Of The Granite Cutting Bridge Saw

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Granite cutting bridge saw, also called stone cutting machine, is a kind of multi-knife multi-stage stone cutting machine composed of cutting knife group, stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame. The cutting knife group is placed on the upper part of the stone conveying table and on the frame. The positioning guide plate is fixed between the cutting knife groups; the cutting knife group is composed of a motor, a belt, a cutter wheel shaft, and a cutting tool, and the cutting tool is fixed on the cutter wheel shaft. This kind of marble and granite bridge saw can cut stones with different depths respectively, and can process stones less than 1m3, which can turn waste into treasure, greatly save stone resources, and also help protect the environment. Various types of stones can be mechanically cut, and the processing efficiency is high. In addition, the effective use of small stones makes the production cost lower.

granite cutting bridge saw

CNC  granite bridge saw built with resistant welded steel. The machine can be supplied with 2 motorized axis or with 3 or 4 motorized axis (optional), programmable through PLC touch screen. The transverse movement of the bridge is carried out by means of rack with sliding on linear bearings. The quotes are displayed directly on plc. The spindle slides on two vertical guides with bearings and is moved by a screw ball. The spindle is manually inclinable up to 90 degrees. The table can be rotated and manually locking by pneumatic piston on 0 – 45 – 90 – 180 – 270 – 360 degrees and in any other position.

How to change the cutting blade of the granite cutting bridge saw

We first prepare a special wrench for the cutting machine, align the protruding part of the wrench with the hole on the cutting and rotate the wrench to loosen the hole, then we press the button on the back of the cutting machine to unscrew the cutting piece and replace it with a new cutting piece , And then tighten the cutting blade holder. Whether we are tightening the cutting disc or the holder, we need to press and hold the button on the back of the cutting machine, and then tighten it.

Granite cutting bridge saw Features:

Frame - The frame is sandblasted and ceramic coated so it is long lasting.

Head Motion - Operators can utilize the motorized the head's 3 travel axes (x, y, z) with variable speed. Additionally, the head travels on steel guides with angled rack and pinion so you can be assured of high precision.

CNC Control - Programmers utilize the CNC axis control unit with touch screen color display for cuts programming.

Head Rotation - Operator can lock the main motor rotation by push buttons. Also of interest is the manual rotation of the head from 0° to 340° so the operator can perform interpolated angle cutting in all directions.

Head Tilt - Users head can be tilted from 90° to 45° to perform inclined cuts.

Tilting and/or Rotating Table - Operator enjoys easy slab loading because of the motorized hydraulic worktable tilt. Also available is the rotating table.

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