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The High Quality Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine For Sale

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What is hou wire foam cutters?

A Hot Wire Foam Cutter is a electrical cutting tool used to cut or handle polystyrene / styrofoam (EPS, XPS) foams and similar materials. The device consists of a thin, taut cutting wire, often made of NiChrome, Titanium, Stainless steel, or a thicker wire preformed into a desired shape, which is heated via electrical resistance to appr. 400 – 500°C. As the cutting wire is passed through the material to be cut, the heat from the wire vaporates the material just in advance of contact

Our line of hot wire foam cutting CNC machines are made in-house with the goal of providing a quality U.S. made product at a competitive price. Designed, fabricated and supported under the same roof, we are able to produce precision machines well below standard prices without sacrificing quality.

Feature of foam cutting machine:

1.Wth touching screen, to set and micro-adjust working pressure,controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) cutting depth, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.

2.Four-column and self-balance connecting rod, auto-balance structure of double-cylinder makes sure equal pressure in any working area.

3.Powered by hydraulic system, slow down when the cutting die touches the material, to confirm the precision between upper and bottom for thick materials.

4.Double automatic working tables, increases the output twice or triple.

5.Central automatic lubrication system, increases machine durability, prolong the cutting machine working time.

Parameter Configuration

Working table effective cutting size1300mm X 1300mm X 3000mm
X-axis cutting stroke3000mm
Y axis travel1300mm
System resolution± 0.04
Cutting accuracy± 1mm (electric heating wire material, environment, dry humidity of foam, etc.)
File formatG code
Worktable structureThickened square tube welding
Working voltageAC220V / 20HZ
Transmission moderack drive

Here are some capabilities to glimpse for in a hot wire foam cutting machine:

1. A number of wires – from 3 to 8 wires will boost the cutting capability from 2 to 7 instances

2.eight foot powerful wire duration – don’t settle for a 4′ machine

3.If key use of the machine is to lower logos and indicators – a scaled-down machine will do the occupation

four.Cutting pace – mainly substance dependent – as a rule of thumb: the larger the foam density – the slower the cutting velocity

Foam Cutting Machine application:

· It is a very economic machine, suitable for various size of cutting and equipped with many functions for customer to chose.

· T series can match with lathe, turn table and double wire and other unique design, 

  which let this cargo, become a really multipurpose machine.  

· And the hot wire has 3 different sizes to chose, moreover with the independent hot wire compensation motor it can realize 

  round sky and square earth cutting effect, the Max. compensation can reach to 2 meter.

· Besides our standard models we also accept customized machine. 

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